BAB Launches New Menu with Sharing Mezzes and Hot Crispy Chicken Kebabs

Fine purveyors of the 'posh' kebab, BAB has released a new menu full of kebabs, mezzes and alternative mains.

By Emma Davidson | 30 June 2022

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Based in the heart of the Northern Quarter, BAB is a destination for any-time-of-day dining, with its hearty menu of kebabs and sides fit for all occasions. 

The eatery has recently launched a brand-new menu featuring some new kebab concepts and also the addition of mezzes and alternative mains, if you’re not up for delving into the classic kebab. 

Mixed Seafood Kebab (£16)

The Salmon Tikka Kebab (£13)

Starting off with the Mixed Seafood BAB (£16) this comes with stuffed squid, soft shell crab, octopus, coriander, fennel, greek chimichurri squid ink sauce and red tobiko. There’s also a brand-new Salmon Tikka BAB (£15) with an Indian twist, as it’s served with tikka masala sauce, samphire, spring onions and creamed spinach.

A big hitter from BAB’s new menu is the Hot Crispy Chicken BAB (£13), which is stuffed full of salad, crispy chicken, roasted chilli peppers, spring onion, Greek-style chimichurri and scotch bonnet mango sauce. The dish is an upgraded version of a preexisting BAB special, reinvented with more significant pieces of buttermilk chicken.

Hot Crispy Chicken BAB (£13)

Moving away from the kebab-centric mains, BAB has also introduced Sea Bass (£17) to the menu, which comes with ratatouille-style courgette, fried black olives, pickled radish and a creamy seafood sauce.

The Greek Style Tray Bake (£11) is also a great option if you’re after something a bit different, as it features courgette, peppers, onions, olives, and artichoke and you can also add chicken (+£4), halloumi (+£4) or tenderstem broccoli (+£3).

Hummus Bil Lahmeh (£6)

Glazed Pork Belly (£7)

Another alternative addition to BAB’s new menu is the brand-new mezze sharing plates, which are great on their own, or as a side dish. The Hummus Bil Lahmeh (£6) comes with paprika hummus, shredded lamb, pomegranate, spring onion and flatbread and the Glazed Pork Belly (£7) is topped with fried jalapeño and balsamic onions.

BAB’s new menu is available now and you can book yourself a table via the link below.


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