A Sports Bar like no other?! ‘Brotherhood’ set to open this Summer

On Thursday 24th August there will be a new sports bar opening in town - ‘The Brotherhood of Pursuits and Pastimes’.

By Ben Brown | 11 August 2017

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On Thursday 24th August if you find yourself on the corner of Mount Street and Central Street, just near the Central Library you will notice something different – for there will be a new sports bar opening – ‘The Brotherhood of Pursuits and Pastimes’.

Pop in and you’d be sure to find a “distinctive sports experience” featuring 24 TVs showing pretty much anything you can think of that’s sports related, from football to tennis to NASCAR.

Apparently Brotherhood believe that it’s important to show every niche of sport, so even if you’re the only people in there who want to watch the Caber Tossing Championships on Euro Sports 19 then they will provide.

In fact owner Seema Dhiman proclaims that ‘‘if nobody else wants to watch it, we’ll give you headsets to listen to the commentary. We want to ensure that we cater for every sport, not just the popular games.’’ Which is nice.

The Brotherhood are also keen to make a distinction from the perception of many sports bars by providing a friendly environment where everyone is welcome. On top of the TV’s, you can also get involved on the dart boards, pool tables, table football and there will even be an Xbox so you can fit in a swift game of FIFA.

Judging from the sister site over in Leeds, you can also expect a large menu of drinks and food, including the obligatory match day platters to chomp on while Dennis Irwin continues to lob crosses to an ever waiting Dion Dublin.

There will be more information to follow but in the meantime you can check out the Leeds venue website right here; http://thisisthebrotherhood.com/ to see what’s in store.