An Evening of Beer, Bourbon & American Style Tapas at Sandinista

In a special collaboration with our good friends at Sandinista we're helping celebrate their America month with an exclusive night of beer, bourbon and tapas with an American twist on Thursday 19th July.

By Ben Brown | Last updated June 18th '18

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Guests will receive 3 American craft beers, paired with 3 of the best American whiskeys from the land of the free. You’ll experience a timeline of flavours and styles with a brand representative from Heaven Hill Distillery, who will showcase the journey of this fine American spirit. Whiskies include...
  • Rittenhouse
  • Evan Williams extra aged
  • Mellow Corn
  To top this off you'll also receive a selection of American inspired tapas - a sharing platter consisting of...
  • Mac & Cheese Croquettes
  • Mini Burger Sliders
  • Hop Dogs (beer-infused hot dogs)
  • Wings
  • Loaded Patatas Bravas
————————————————— Sandinista x Manchester's Finest: An Evening of Beer, Bourbon & American Style Tapas 3 American Craft Beers 3 American Whiskies American Style Tapas Dishes Date: Thursday 19th July 2018 Time: 7pm Cost: £15 per person Buy Tickets ————————————————— Sandinista, 2 Old Bank St, Manchester, M2 7PF 0161 832 9955