Cocktails & Pokemon Cards @Cottonopolis

We had a brilliant and sometimes unexpected time tasting Cottonopolis' new cocktail range

By Lee Isherwood | 6 February 2017

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I always find reviewing cocktails a little more difficult than say an event, or a dining experience, not least of which because as the taster you inherently end up drinking quite a lot of booze. But someone has to do it, and yes I could swill and spit but this isn’t a small sip of wine we’re talking about, this is some seriously considered mixtures.

So we find ourselves at Cottonopolis on a Thursday evening, which is not an unusual sight as it’s 4 minutes door to door from our office, but this week we’re on business.

First out of the blocks is THE NEW BLACK – Diplomatico Reserva Rum, Mr Black Coffee Liquer, Orange Wine and Orange Amaro. This is a heavy one to start with but the coffee set’s you up for the evening. Great flavour, it’s an old Fashioned meets Terry’s chocolate orange meets NQ coffee house and is a Cottonopolis immediate best seller.

MAI’CHA TAI was next on the list – made up of El Dorado 5yr rum, Yuzu sake, orange shrub, lime and matcha orgeat syrup. A relatively fresh drink but not one for my taste buds.

Next up is PANIC AT THE PISCO – Homemade strawberry cordial, Peach and Hibiscus Lequer, Lime, Whites, Soda, Sparkles. This is not a high volume drink so enjoy in moderation so everyone else can get a chance.

Next in line was a real beauty of a Gimlet – MANCHESTER MADE – Cottonopolis Gin distilled at Portebello Rd (flavours of Sechwan, Pink Peppercorn, Japanese Orange, Mace Blades and Wormwood) this Gimlet is completed with a calamansi lime & mandarin cordial. Absolutely fantastic, for me this was the most unique drink and a standout favourite.

“We are proud and excited to introduce our very own gin alongside the 2nd edition of our cocktail menu. The team has been incredible and created some special drinks which I cannot wait for out guests to taste at the launch”. Director Dan Morris

Swiftly followed by MILK AND 2 SUGARS – Black Cow Vodka infused with Garden of Eden Tea, Heaven & Earth Liquer, Whites and Milk Acid. A great drink, bitter sweet with loads of depth.

Last but certainly not least is THE JIGGLYPUFF! and what a creation. To my mind this drink is unexpectedly playful for Cottonopolis and that’s why I like it. A distinctive mix of Tanqueray Gin, plum sake, lavender, beetroot, whites, lemon, sugar and the lesser known ingredient, Pokemon.

We had a brilliant time tasting these cocktails and it’s clear to see, and taste, that alot of hard work and consideration has gone into each and every one, but if I had to chose one for the road I’d go for MANCHESTER MADE – it truly is one of Manchester’s Finest.