Go Mezcal Crazy as Pedro's Revolutionise their Cocktail Menu!

It's not just about the pizzas anymore - the brand new cocktail menu at Crazy Pedro's is here!

By Ben Brown | 9 July 2019

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It can sometimes be rather difficult to write about new cocktail menus, mostly because I struggle to try them, remember what they tasted like and make notes before passing out into a puddle of my own dribble.

So it’s with a strained memory that I write this piece about the new cocktail menu down at Crazy Pedro’s. The team down there have spent months coming up with a brand-new selection of mixed delights – and as you can expect – there’s A LOT of mezcal knocking about.

We went down last week to take some pictures (aren’t they good!), and thus I took it upon myself to try as many of the new creations as possible. I got drunk, I got messy and I got slightly offensive – but I think I can remember enough to tell you about my favourites…

The Hulk Smash (£8) comes with Koch mezcal, Patron Blanco, Chartreuse (a liqueur of over 130 different plants), lemon, agave and soda. It’s strong (like the Hulk of course), packs a punch (like the Hulk) and is bright green (like The Grinch). It’s also tasty AF.

Another big mezcal hitter was Pedro & The Prinny (£8), which even though it’s got a terrible name – is actually proper fit.

Alongside the Koch mezcal there’s gin (so this beaut is STRONG), a vanilla-almond syrup and a final (metaphorical) cherry on top – San Pellegrino Blood Orange straight out of the tin. Mm mmm.

Under The Radar (£8) once again uses mezcal as its base and then combines it with crème de cassis for some blackcurrant goodness, crème de peche for some peachy goodness and mango and lemon for more vitamins and minerals than a boozy cocktail should ever contain.

If you’re a fan of all things tart – this is your tipple!

I did manage to get a few non-mezcal numbers gown my big fat gob and first of these was the LCD Swizzle (£8) – a drink that’s pretty legendary within the Pedro’s walls and certainly one that will sort you out on a sunny day on the terrace outside.

I finished off my foray into fuzziness with one of Pedro’s Frozen Margaritas – of which they’ve added LOADS of new flavours. There’s Raspberry & Balsamic, Pineapple & Pomegranate, Kiwi & Lemongrass, Pink Grapefruit & Lychee and even a Mango & Pink Peppercorn number that you really need to try.

By this point I was pretty hammered (drink responsibly please) and a few slices of pizza were quickly devoured and enjoyed. I can’t really remember getting home but I didn’t lose my wallet, phone or any limbs so all is fine.

Get yourself down to Crazy Pedro’s from Monday 7th July to enjoy their new cocktail menu.

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