Luck Lust Liquor & Burn RE-LICKED!

Following a recent roadtrip down the west coast of California by the crew at BeautifulDrinks, Luck Lust Liquor and Burn is getting a sweet new restyle. Drawing on fresh inspiration and an exciting new energy, the downstairs bar at LLLB is just the first stage of a project that will give the whole venue a total “relick”.

“We’re always drawing on new experiences and evolving our concepts to keep things fresh and exciting,” says Beau Myers, Director of BeautifulDrinks whose roots lie in Los Angeles California. “We experienced so many kick ass parties and good-time bars in LA and San Fran that we felt LLLB could be improved and pushed to the forefront of the NQ cocktail and party bar scene.”

Liquor and Burn is a CaliMex (Californian-style Mexican) restaurant and cocktail bar that offers an indulgent, satisfying menu of burritos, tacos and nibbles that aim to leave people craving to come back for those rich, intense combinations of flavour and texture. Put together in a way that’s unfussy, people can identify with it all; “it’s fuck yeah good-time food,” says Beau. “We use the best quality meat (Frosts butchers of Chorlton) and ingredients but it’s the bold saucing and juiciness of everything that makes it pop.”


Until now, the focus at LLLB has been mostly on the food, and the restyling of the downstairs bar will mean that it offers more covers in a more comfortable setting. The styling is more grown up, it’s gritty and true to the road trip inspired adventures with touches of luxury, “we wanted to design a space that works as well for dining as it does for partying,” says Jon Kirby, Director BeautifulDrinks.

“We’ve used a wide palette of materials such as hard wood, copper and ceramic to bring to life the style of this SoCal inspired hangout,” says designer Ben Grainger. “Artwork on the walls will feature photography from our actual trip, printed direct onto rough ply.”

The food menu will cut off at 5pm downstairs, allowing the pace to shift to that of a lively cocktail party bar with full restaurant service continuing upstairs until late.

The bar at LLLB will introduce a totally fresh and innovative new cocktail menu that doesn’t pull punches. Elliott Berriman, Bar Operations and cocktail aficionado of BeautifulDrinks worked with Beau Myers of Socio Rehab fame to design the new list. “We want the cocktails here to be fun and exciting, the menu is playful, it’s cheeky and YEAH it’s fucking delicious! It’s the sort of menu where you want to try them all, they take you on a raucous adventure – my fave licks are the Raspberry Sherbet & Mango Mojito and the Big Hawaiian Shirt Wearing Bastard.”


Complimenting the extensive drinks list is a nacho menu perfect for sharing and soaking up all the booze. Get the Pigslap – with slow cooked chipotle pork and baconnaise, they tick all the boxes!

Beers are a huge new highlight too, with seven on draft and way more in bottles and cans. “Craft beer is such a big sector and it’s great to be able to offer so many new and interesting brews,” says Elliott Berriman.

The offering at LLLB is premium, but to keep true to it’s Cali dive bar vision and create that high energy buzz, they’re introducing the awesome new Killer Happy Hour – 6 to 7pm every damn Daniel day you can get two cocktails for the price of one, double up on your spirits, get bottles of house wine for a mere tenner, and ALL beers will be just £3! “I don’t think a happy hour has to devalue the regular offering,” says Beau Myers. “The drinks are worth full price, it’s just a totally winning bonus that sets the tone for good times parties – you could make serious inroads into that craft beer list, and come on, who doesn’t deserve a cheap drink after a full day at work?”

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