Lucky Lucky Katsu Curry Pizza August Special at Crazy Pedro’s

It's a new month, so there's a new special pizza at Crazy Pedro's - and this one is an absolute beauty...

By Ben Brown | 1 August 2017

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It’s a new month, so there’s a new special pizza at Crazy Pedro’s – and this one is an absolute beauty; mostly because I first tried it about 2 weeks ago and haven’t really wanted to eat much else since.

Anyone who has a computer, or eyes, has probably seen some sort of video featuring Adam Richman from Man vs Food, swanning about Manchester and eating whatever happened to be in his vicinity. Well, this new Lucky Lucky Katsu Curry pizza special has something to do with all of that.

The Manchester based sauce company, Meat Lust have recently launched a range of erm..sauces and one of the clear winners is their Katsu Curry one – which manages to make even the worst bit of food taste divine. In fact I’ve taken to carrying a bottle around with me everywhere – just in case my girlfriend or mum decide to cook something for me.

Adam Richman was in town to flog Meat Lust’s ‘Sauce in the City’ bus tour and Crazy Pedro’s decided to design the Lucky Lucky Katsu Curry Pizza to celebrate. You can expect a lovely bit of Japanese influence with a Katsu Curry base, cheese, soy marinated leeks, red and green chillies, crushed cashew nuts and loads of panko breaded chicken.

You can take it from me, this pizza is truly brilliant – just look at my face when I bite into a slice on the video below. It almost made me forget how much of an idiot I was making of myself.

Head on down to Crazy Pedro’s during August to grab a slice or a full pie.

Crazy Pedro’s
55-57 Bridge Street, Manchester, M3 3BQ
1 Short Street, Manchester, M4 1AA