Rock-a-oke at Bunny Jackson's

Have you ever dreamed of being a proper rock star? Performing before adoring fans backed by a live band... Rock-a-oke at Bunny Jackson's will make your dreams a reality!

By Ben Brown | Last updated 15 November 2018

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If you're anything like me, the thought of singing Bon Jovi 'Always' with a band in front of a load of people is quite possibly the best thing ever. So Rock-a-oke is certainly the way to go.

Taking place every Thursday from 10pm, choose from BJ's list of over 100 songs and get yourself up there on stage and get singing and impress all of your mates.

What's more, it will be Happy Hour between 9pm and 11pm so you can have a bit of Dutch courage before, during and after your performance, as well as Bunny's legendary 10p wings available until 10pm.

Happy Hour means that you can get your hands on £5 Bunny Boilers and Party Drinks, £5 Frozen Daiquiris, £3 Pilsner and bottles of Prosecco for £16.

Band-a-oke at Bunny Jackson's
Every Thursday from 10pm
Free Entry

Bunny Jacksons, 1 Jack Rosenthal Street, Manchester M15 4RA