Rosso Cocktails - 5 @Five for £5 

Want to drink your cocktail in grandeur surroundings? Head to Rosso to indulge in their luxurious 5 @Five cocktail menu.

By Manchester's Finest | 20 June 2013

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Tired of the usual cocktail bars, the conventional drinks menu…? Want to drink your cocktail in grandeur surroundings? Then head to Rosso restaurant and bar to indulge in their luxurious 5 @Five cocktail menu – a collection inspired by traditional Italian flavours, which quite simply put, doesn’t fail to deliver!


We hit the bar and worked our way through the menu, while Sasha the bar manager talked us through the inspiration behind each blend of cocktail. Each cocktail is the brainchild of one of the bar team and they all incorporate spirits that you won’t find at any typical English-Italian restaurant… and we can confirm, they don’t disappoint.

Pampero Blanco rum – Galliano Balsamico – Fresh Basil – Strawberry
Following on from last season’s much lusted after strawberry and basil concoction, Rosso has come up with another can’t miss twist on an undisputed classic, the most Italian mojito you’ll ever have! The flavours marry together perfectly.


Tanqueray Gin – Limoncello – Lemon sorbet
What says Italian Summer time more than a long, cold scoop of lemon sorbet drizzled in Limoncello with a hearty dose of gin splashed over for good measure? A most refreshing cocktail, fun to drink, owing to its ice-cream sundae façade – you even get a spoon to savour the delicious sorbet!


Ketel One Citroen vodka – Luxardo Maraschino – Cherry – Blackberry
The cosmopolitan is the next in line of their twisted little reconstructions, what it delivers is a real rustic treat. Wild berries, cherries and a whole load of Maraschino flavour to pack a real punch.

Briotett Crème de Bergamot Liquer – Prosecco – House-made wild strawberry puree
Everyone has had a Bellini before but not like this! On talking to the bartender, he talked through his creation – being a big fan of earl grey tea, he wanted to encapsulate the flavour in one of his cocktails, so what better way than to use the rich aromas of Southern Italian Bergamot and luxurious Neroli that silently seduce the nose, whilst the sweet strawberry coats the mouth as the bubbles of the Prosecco enrich the soul.


Grapefruit infused Ketel One Vodka – Aperol – Bitters
This refreshing and zesty cocktail combines Rosso’s own little in-house creation with Aperol, the most en-vogue liqueur in Italy to devastatingly tasty effects – with reminiscent overtones of retro rhubarb and custard sweets.

Want my advice? Forget the below standard cocktails and give Rosso’s skilled mixologists a try – cutting edge creations that perfectly find the right balance between alcohol and sweetness, full measures, only the finest Italian ingredients and all ‘shaken and stirred’ with passion and care. If it’s not too busy do ask your bartender to talk you through each concoction, the bar teams enthusiasm and knowledge for mixing drinks makes for a five star experience. What’s more they are only £5, so it would be rude not to sample all 5….

The five cocktails priced at five pounds each are available Monday – Friday, 5pm – 8pm.