Rosylee #CocktailClub 2 for £10

Well known already for it's food offering Rosylee also boasts a cocktail menu that could have rivaled Socio Rehab in it's prime.

By Lee Isherwood | Last updated 9 June 2015

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Rosylee is exactly the type of place I set up Manchester’s Finest for, though it didn’t exist when I did. Stepping inside you could be forgiven for imagining yourself in any number of European cultural hubs, thoughts of Paris in particular spring to my mind. But Rosylee is very much modern English and is indeed modern Manchester. Situtated in Stevenson Square it boasts a prime spot with ample breathing space in the ever crowding Northern Quarter.

Well known already for its food offering Rosylee also boasts a cocktail menu that could have rivalled Socio Rehab in its prime, all be it with a slightly different ambience. Established in 2013 as a traditional tearoom, Rosylee has evolved over the past two years into a beautiful restaurant and lounge, whilst remaining true to its Enlgish heritage. This adaptation, but clear vision, leads nicely into the reason I was there on Friday evening for the #CocktailClub with 2 for £10 from noon until close.

The team at Rosylee have developed a sophisticated cocktail menu always twisting their drinks in an English direction, and in some cases, a Manchester one. The stand out two amongst myself and my peers were the Spiced Mojito and the Manchester Bramble – featuring a nation’s favourite from our fair city: VIMTO!

I’ve listed out the five drinks that are on offer every Friday to pull you in after work, or considering they are available from noon it could be a looooooong lunch.

Earl Grey Martini
Portobello Road Gin, Cointreau and Rosylee Earl Grey syrup make for a delightful twist on this classic cocktail. Drink with your pinky up, and maybe wearing a top hat.

Spiced Mojito
Sailor Jerry Spiced Rum, mint, cinnamon and Ginger beer turn this summer favourite into a warming winter tipple.

Manchester Bramble
Rosylee’s twist on the much loved classic. Beefeater Gin shaken with lemon juice and Vimto make for a Mancunian masterpiece.

Guy Fawkes Manhattan
Woodfords reserve and Kings Ginger liqueur make for a mellow smokey Manhattan which will have you looking out your window for fireworks.
Rosylee Ice Tea
Rose berry tea bags add a delightful twist to this much loved classic. Served long over crushed ice.


11 Stevenson Square, Manchester M1 1DB.