Sleazy New Cocktail Menu unveiled at Behind Closed Doors

It’s all about the cocktails nowadays, and so before you enter a brand new establishment you want to have a good idea of what is on offer in order to avoid any awkward moments at the bar as you fumble around with your change.

So here is a look at some of what’s on offer at new den of debauchery Behind Closed Doors over on Oldham Street:

50 Shades Of Earl Grey
An unrestrained tea pot of Portobello Road Gin, Earl Grey Tea, lemon, honey and lavender.


Love Bite
A refreshing blend of Manchester Raspberry Gin and our specially created raspberry and cucumber sorbet, finished with a lemon edge.


Furry Cup
Shaken hard for a foamy top, we mix Absolut Vodka, Giffard Crème De Mure, lemon, egg white and peach.


Stop If I Scream
Served flaming brulee style with ice cream. Ron De Jeremy Rum, Liqueur 43, cream and a full egg, with a hint of chilli and cinnamon.


Penis Colada
A classic Pina Colada suitably renamed for the surroundings.


We love Gin but when you use Buffalo Trace instead of Gin in a Negroni you have a Boulevardier.


White Lady
A classic and refreshing Gin based stunner



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