Weekends at The Refuge

Not content with having an amazing Winter Garden in which to sip cocktails, some cracking food and probably the best Weekenders this year, The Refuge have decided to broaden their horizons and offer more for us Mancs every weekend.

By Ben Brown | 1 November 2017

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Thursday is so close to the Saturday that it’s technically the weekend anyway so you might as well go out and bloody enjoy yourself. Nobody does any work on a Friday anyway. Except perhaps Chris Evans. 20 years ago. Thursday nights are Honey Cooler – the after work social presented by Dr Sid. Between 5pm and 9pm you can expect sounds from the last 100 years: big band, boogie woogie, jump blues, original R&B, jukebox mambo and more – all stone cold killers, dillers and thrillers apparently.


Starting on Friday from 5pm, The Refuge will be hosting ‘Slave to the Rhythm’ – the perfect antidote to a week of slogging away at graphs and formulas on Excel. There’s a weekly rotation of top DJ’s, spinning some well-known tunes to groove to until late including the likes of Chris Massey, DJ Paulette, Jamie Bull and Samrai.


Starting off in the afternoon, perfect for those post-getting dragged around Debenhams drinks, The Refuge kick off with The Ambassadors Retreat from 3pm in the main bar. You’ll enjoy plenty of carefully selected records in The Refuge’s lush surrounding – great for readying yourself for the night to come. From 8pm, they kick it up a notch with Love is the Message, a non-stop selection of disco, boogie and classic tunes to get you up and dancing.


So you’re probably feeling a little worse for wear, and have a stonking hangover. Even if you don’t, there’s only one thing to do on a Sunday – and that’s eat and drink. Nobody needs an excuse to tuck into a Roast Dinner, and The Refuge has one of the best in the city. Their Roast Dinner Platter comes topped high with all the meat, veg and roasties you could ever want – and I highly suggest a Bloody Mary too – that will sort your head right out.

The Refuge, Oxford St, Manchester M60 7HA
0161 233 5151