Welcome to Manchester's Best Cocktail Bar

This place serves up quite possibly some of the city's greatest and creative cocktails and I bet most of you haven't even been yet!

By Ben Brown | Last updated 23 November 2018

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Science & Industry is hidden behind an unassuming little door panel in Cane & Grain, and when I mention it most people just think I’m banging on about the museum.

As you’d expect (as with most things nowadays) there’s a message and that message is all centred around those two words – Science and err… Industry.

Any old idiot can guess what the science bit refers to – and the gang in here could give Professor Wheetos, Doc Brown and Albert Einstein a run for their money any day.

Yes, I know Einstein was a physicist, but I was just making a point – the cocktails in here utilise the latest and greatest bits of science nuggets known to any booze drinking man.

There’s fat washing, tinctures, infusions and salines flying around which, although I don’t have a clue what they mean, taste bloody brilliant.

So good in fact that Science & Industry were voted Best Bar at this year’s Manchester Food and Drink Awards, as well as scooping the crown of being one of the Best Places to Drink in the UK in the Observer Food Monthly Awards 2018.

And that’s where the ‘Industry’ bit comes in. Every detail of the cocktails is laboriously poured over by the staff here, so much so that they actively seek feedback from those in the biz on what they can improve or work on.

After many months of experimentation, investigation and of course – drinking, Science & Industry are due to launch their new cocktail menu in the next few weeks.

I’ve tried them – they’re absolutely bloody brilliant. Get down ASAP to give them a go!

Science & Industry, Cane & Grain, 49-51 Thomas St, Manchester M4 1NA
0161 832 2244