Zombies in the NQ? Night of the Living Dead: Immersive screening at Soup Kitchen

Zombies have pretty much taken over popular culture in the last 10 years, with them being quite possibly the only antagonist which you are freely allowed to kill and maim on screen without anyone creating a big fuss.

By Ben Brown | 2 October 2017

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Not only does almost every TV show on at the moment feature zombies, it’s only a matter of time until Corrie decides to resurrect Des Barnes and leave him to start chewing on Toyah’s brains while Audrey Roberts cracks a joke and sips some gin.

All this zombie malarkey is primarily down to one bloke – George A Romero who, with his seminal 1968 hit ‘Night of the Living Dead’ single-handedly created the zombie we know and love today – after Dracula and Frankenstein pretty much ruled since the 19th Century.

Tackling issues of politics, society and even racism, the movie is a classic and still holds up today as a terrifying example of the horror genre. It’s good news then that those good people over at Flick, hot on the heels of their Fame! screening, have announced they will be showing ‘Night of the Living Dead’ at Soup Kitchen this Halloween.

The event on Tuesday 31st October promises to be their most memorable yet – with the streets around Stevenson Square surrounded by the walking dead, Soup Kitchen will be designated the nearest ‘rescue station’ according to local news outlets, where ticket holders will join fellow survivors ‘Bobby’, ‘Patricia’, ‘Larry’ and ‘Tammy’ alongside their frightened friends and family.

With zombies on the outside desperate to get in, scared survivors within its walls, and a screening of the film that started them all, Soup Kitchen will provide the perfect venue for a night of horror – perfect for Halloween. The night will include the following; theatrical screening of ‘Night of the Living Dead’, immersive theatrical performances, drinks to the dead, apocalyptic eats and enough zombies and survivors to make Rick Grimes shit himself.

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