Is this the most beautiful (and sustainable) interior in Ancoats?

The Counter House in Ancoats is ticking all the millennial boxes with its lovely interior design.

By Manchester's Finest | 19 July 2019

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Plants? Check. Sustainability? Check. Upcycled Furniture? Double Check! It’s pretty much everything we millennials love all rolled into one!

The Counter House has made a big effort to respect the history of the building’s original character too. You’ll find that the original brickwork takes centre stage in the interior design as well as wooden sleepers on the windowsills linking back to its industrial past.

This helps create a space which pays homage to the original purpose of the building, and indeed the area’s history as a whole which manages to possess an earthy and organic energy in the process.

A sense of the organic is maintained through the plants too. The stunning botanical displays by plant mavericks I Want Plants gives The Counter House that ‘urban jungle’ feel’ specially when contrasted with the original brick.

This idea of Biophilic design is hotter than ever at the moment and The Counter House has adopted this ethos entirely. The idea suggests that having lots of plants around makes us happier and more productive, and I don’t know about you, but I certainly feel happy at The Counter House.

Few places can boast this number of real plants due to costs and maintenance, which is something that is completely unique and very refreshing at this trendy Ancoats eatery.

This ‘earthy’ feel goes even further with the rest of the interior design. The Counter House prides itself on its focus on sustainability so you’ll find reclaimed materials everywhere you look – timber in the chairs, tables made from recycled yoghurt pots and upcycled flooring for a start.

Sustainability extends into the food and drinks offering too as they use local ingredients (Ancoats Coffee and Trove sourdough to name a few) thus supporting their neighbours as much as they can. Plastic bottles from the takeaway juices can be given back and recycled too.

It is nice to see a business taking the environment seriously and making small steps to making a difference. The Counter House also manages to do this in the most stylish way possible – creating a space full of real warmth and welcome.

So, if you love plants, good food, drinks and a mindful attitude towards sustainability– look no further than The Counter House.

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The Counter House, 35 Blossom Street, Manchester, M4 6AJ