The Best Things We Ate and Drank this Week: 12th October - 19th October

The amount of food we consume here at Manchester's Finest on a weekly basis is almost disgusting. Nevertheless, we do get the opportunity to eat some pretty delicious grub and drink some stunning drinks.

By Manchester's Finest | Last updated 19 October 2018

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So, here are a few of our highlights from this week. If you need us, we’ll be sweating our tits off in the gym!

Chupe de Habas
Mama Pacha
Mama Pacha is the Puruvian Pop-Up which is guesting at Sandinista right now. This week, we popped down for a review and I was completely blown away by all of it. But, one dish really stood out to me, and that dish was Chupe de Habas- a broad bean chowder thickened with rice and a little potato. It was finished off with a whole poached egg and a sprinkling of feta and I honestly cannot stop thinking about it. This little bowl has so much flavour and excellent texture from all its different elements. Chupe de Habas is just the thing you need in the winter months, and I must say, I found it rather difficult to share. — Kate Tighe 


Gintziki Sour
Cane & Grain
I’m a bit bloody obsessed with sour beers at the moment, and the undisputed king of sours must go to the very limited Gintziki Sour by Liverpool’s Mad Hatter brewery. There are not many tins left in Cane & Grain so be quick because this Tzatziki flavoured beer is one of the best things to pass my lips in a long, long time. — Ben Brown


Rotisserie Roast Chicken and Garlic
The Bay Horse Tavern
The Bay Horse Tavern have mastered the art of comfort-food and we went down this week for a team lunch to welcome in our newest member of staff. There was some envy-inducing dishes knocking about – but I think the star of the show had to be the Rotisserie Roast Chicken and Garlic served with gravy and thrice-cooked chips. The rotisserie process ensures a crisp, slightly charred skin with soft succulent flesh. This twinned with the deliciously meaty gravy and those chips that are almost certainly better than sex- this dish had every member of the Finest team speechless. — Kate Tighe


Pirovano Salento Rosso Passito
I don’t know much about wine, in fact, I know next to nothing except for how fast I should be pouring it down my gullet. I was pleasantly surprised with one this week though as I glugged a glass of Pirovano Salento Rosso Passito at Wood on Thursday night alongside a spectacular bit of Highland Venison. I could have downed the whole bottle – but luckily for my dignity – I managed to contain myself. — Ben Brown


Wors Sausages
Chakalaka is a South African bar and tapas joint which has this week opened its doors in the heart of the NQ. Small plates include unfamiliar dishes such as Jaffless, Bunny Chow and Pap balls which were all an amazing experience – but the real show stopper were the Wors sausages.  These are a South African, spiced pork sausage spiced with the namesake Chakalaka relish. These little babies are a hearty, South African staple when it comes to the BBQ and we can see why. Spicy, smoky and succulent, these little sausages will have us heading back to Chakalaka before the week is out. — Steven Pankhurt


Rule of Three
We went down to try out the new Peruvian pop-up at Sandinista this week, and I treated myself to a lovely bit of cocktail action while the food was being fired up. The new cocktail menu, as you’d expect, has a distinct Peru slant to it and I tucked into the Rule of Three – a twist on the classic Martini but with a brilliant olive washed gin that takes it from being “top” to being “proper fit”. — Ben Brown