The Best Things We Ate and Drank This Week: 18th - 26th April 2019

It's been a good week for food and drink, but I guess the Bank Holiday helped. There's been breakfast, there's been tapas and of course, plenty of booze!

By Manchester's Finest | 26 April 2019

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Coral Do Mar Albariño

I am trying really hard to get into wine, and I am trying even harder not to sound like a prat while I do it. I had a little impromptu wine tasting at Evuna Altringham this week, and the stand out star for me was this Coral do Mar Albarino- so much so that I even bought a couple of bottles to take home with me. It has typical notes of stone fruits and citrus as well as subtle tropical flavours. It has a crisp backbone and a clean finish. It goes perfectly with shellfish and fish – like their delicious Gambas with garlic and chilli. – Kate Tighe


Breakfast Pide
Someone at KAI on Deansgate is certainly earning their crust because they’ve come up with a frankly quite brilliant Brunch Menu which I might just eat from for the rest of my life. Forget Pop Tarts and Coco Pops, they have a fantastic selection of Turkish breakfast delights available and this week I got to try some of them – with their Breakfast Pide being mightily impressive. It’s basically a big long pizza with spinach, cheese and an egg on top and it’s amazing. Especially when you get to dip your crusts in the yolk. – Rikki Chan


Full English Breakfast Kebab
I seriously doubt there is anything better than a Full English Brekkie kebab. I’d like you to sit here now and think of something better… Come up with anything? Of course you haven’t – it’s genius (and also the tastiest thing ever). All you need to know is that there is a kebab available, in the 21st Century, that contains the fittest sausages ever, egg, bacon and plenty of sauce. There you go. Done. – Ben Brown


Salted Caramel Brownie
Ancoats Coffee

If the coffee wasn’t good enough, freshly roasted in house and served to perfection by a team of actual coffee connoisseurs, the brownies are something else. Baked just behind the counter filling the coffee shop with a cocoa-asmic aroma their sweet selection is to die for. We went for the salted caramel chocolate brownie (and picked out the biggest slab they had). Marbelled with gooey caramel through a dense chocolatey bake, it’s safe to say every bite was even more delightful than the last. – Petr Kaiser


Suckling Pig
Tapeo & Wine

In my opinion, Tapeo & Wine is one of the best spots in the city for Spanish food, and I made a pilgrimage there this week to try some new dishes. Granted, it was all delicious (it really was), but one dish that really stood out was the suckling pig. Crispy, fatty, succulent and all things good, this dish was certainly naughty and I loved every guilt-ridden second of it. – Kate Tighe


Seven Brothers Watermelon Wheat Beer
The Bay Horse Tavern
There is literally nothing in the world more refreshing than watermelon. At one point Coconut Watertried to usurp it but failed dismally – mostly because it tastes like arse. Well this phenomenal wheat beer by Seven Brothers certainly doesn’t taste like arse – it’s probably one of the best beers I’ve ever had the pleasure of supping and you can pick it up from the Bay Horse today. Do it. Do it now. – Joe Wilson


Beef Tsukemen
Grand Pacific

Grand Pacific almost feels a bit much for lunch with its opulence and extravagance but off the back of a fun-filled bank holiday, it was only right to end on a high last Monday. We tried their Beef Tsukemen; a perfectly seared piece of rump steak on a bed of Udon noodles and mushroom dashi. A hearty portion to add to the demise of our waistlines from the weekend. – Charlotte Warrior