The Best Things We Ate and Drank this Week: 20th – 26th October 2018

Another week and another 6 pounds added to the scales...

By Ben Brown | 26 October 2018

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Iberico Dumplings
If I’m being completely honest, I’m a bit over the whole ‘fusion’ thing as a concept- but if one thing was going to make me eat my words it would have to be the spicy Iberico pork dim sum from Tattu I had this week. I was first amazed by the bright, vibrant colour of them- followed by the soft yet robust and defiantly-not-soggy texture of the wonton itself. As for the filling – these little dumplings offered thick, chunky slices of chewy pork and sided with the spicy Szechuan sauce and crushed peanuts- this dish was a flavour and texture sensation. -Kate Tighe


Reece’s Pieces Spread
I managed to bag myself a free tub of this at a Selfridges Christmas Party at Jimmy’s this week and it may have taken over Biscoff Spread as my absolute favourite ‘Gout in a Jar’. As you’d expect from the Reece’s lot – it’s chocolate and peanut butter all mixed into one gloopy, sweet treat – and I’ve pretty much spent all week spooning it onto Rich Tea biscuits and woolfing it down when nobody’s looking. You can get it from Selfridges and they’ll even personalise the jar for you. -Ben Brown 


Panamanian Tacos
Cayuco @ Hatch
We went down to try out the new traders at Hatch Manchester this week, and WOW. The food wasn’t just ‘insta dreams’- it was super tasty. I had the absolute pleasure of trying Cayuco, Panamanian inspired tacos. Cayuco serves fresh mouthwatering tacos, and all their tortillas are completely homemade and freshly pressed -so good.

I went for slow-cooked pork shoulder, cod loin, and fried avocado – what a combo! Each taco was bursting with so many flavours my taste buds were going crazy. They were everything you could ever possibly want in a taco – super fresh and proper filling with varied flavours. They were so colourful and obviously very delicious, I will be back! – Ellie Edginton 


Sweet Success
Flight Club
Sometimes you can’t beat a girly cocktail. Give me a cup filled with sweet, sharp, pink liquid any time of day and I’m as happy as a five year old at the Disney store. Last night, we headed to the opening of Flight Club – a steampunk themed darts bar at the top of King Street. It ended up being a messy one, but one thing I remember is the delicious cocktail I tried called Sweet Success – a delectable blend of pineapple Ciroc vodka  Koko Kanu rum, pineapple, fresh passion fruit and grenadine. Yum!  -Kate Tighe


Chicken Wings
It’s safe to say that everyone is buzzing off Canto at the moment- and for a bloody good reason. Quite frankly, it’s a fantastic restaurant and if one dish is a testament to its all-round awesomeness, it would be their chicken wings.  Boneless, naturally crispy and peppered with a hearty dose of spice, these little bad boys are what tapas is all about. –Kate Tighe


Five Guys at the Trafford Centre
No matter what anyone says, Five Guys is one of the best burgers that money can buy. Of course, they don’t help themselves by setting up shop in the Arndale and the Trafford Centre but once you’re there – those meaty bastards are heaven wrapped in foil. I’m a massive fan of the Bacon Cheeseburger with everything on it – you can’t really go wrong. Oh and the chips are amazing too. -Ben Brown


The Down of Now
Science & Industry
We went down to Science & Industry on Wednesday with Creeseburger to take some pictures of their cocktails for a piece about them winning a shit load of awards recently and I was tasked with drinking the goods once they had been snapped. My absolute favourite of the lot was a spicy margarita – The Down of Now – which features tequila, mezcal and a spiced grenadine that they make in-house. The whole thing was amazing – get one. -Ben Brown