The Best Things We Ate and Drank This Week: 21st -28th June 2019

Holy Hell - looks like Team Finest has eaten (and drank) well this week!

By Manchester's Finest | 28 June 2019

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Aluna Rum
Harvey Nichols
I’m quite surprised I remember ANY of the Harvey Nichols Rum Festival this week, but somehow I do – although I must say I am slightly jaded this morning. One lasting memory I had, however, was of this delicious Aluna rum which tastes more like coconut than a slap in the face with a bounty. It was delicious. – Kate Tighe


Lamb Loin
If I had to pick a favourite meat, I reckon it would probably be lamb, which means my choice at Dakota Grill this week as an easy one. This delicious lamb loin was perfectly cooked with a satisfying pink middle and served with terrifically light gnocchi, curry emulation, cashews for a bit of texture and plump sultanas for bursts of sweetness. It was a beautifully balanced dish and I could have eaten it 10 times over. – Rikki Chan


Watermelon Slushie
Flight Club
Two of the things I miss the most about being a kid is watching cartoons while eating cereal at 7 am and slushies.  With this in mind, you can imagine my excitement when I popped into Flight Club this week and found that they have TWO KINDS of BOOZY slushy – I almost lost my shit. I went for the watermelon one (with a generous glug of vodka) which was just what I needed to celebrate the arrival of some sunshine. – Steven Pankhurst


Butternut Squash Pizza
Have you heard of a Giro? Neither had I until this week, but the idea is continuous all-you-can-eat pizza for just a fiver at Electrik. Now I am not a vegan, but for some reason, I went a little off-piste and went for the vegan option. In short, the butternut squash pizza with tart tomato sauce and loads of garlic was a revelation and a complete lesson in how vegan food doesn’t have to be an afterthought. The squash provided texture and a sweet, nutty flavour while the dough itself is some of the finest I have ever tasted hands down. I strongly recommend you try it. – Charlotte Warrior


Chilli brownie with cinnamon ice cream
El Camino
Setting up their new residency at The Cotton Factory, along with plenty of tequila and tacos El Camino have even mastered a chilli brownie. It is excessively gooey, sweet and chocolatey with a very mild hint of Ancho chilli running through. Cinnamon ice cream is actually a new thing to me but I am now an advocate for the stuff. A dust of the sweet stuff on vanilla ice cream adds another dimension to the dish perfectly paired with chocolate. An absolute winner in my eyes. – Alex Watson


Beef Massaman Curry
I don’t think there is enough Thai food in Manchester, but to be honest there doesn’t need to be when we have JUB around. Now, I hate to use the A-word – but I have been to Thailand and I have to say that the food at JUB is pretty authentic (sorry) and I couldn’t get enough. It was hard to pick just one favourite, but it would have to be the beef massaman curry. The beef was melt in the mouth tender and the sauce was aromatic, spicy and thick. It was terrific.– Joe Wilson.


The Manchester Burger
Honest Burger
Honest Burger started in London and the lovely folk brought their award-winning burgers up north nestled away in Spinningfields. It was a no brainer choosing the Manchester burger. A massive wedge of Honest burger meat with a good slice of The Bury Black Pudding and beer cheese sauce from Runaway Brewery. Served with their famous rosemary salt chips and coated with bacon gravy this is MEGA. It’s the perfect homage to Manchester with big bold flavours and amazing to enjoy on the terrace when the sun is shining. – India Morris