Best Things We Ate and Drank This Week: 8th – 14th May 2020

Including Gooey cookies, spicy beef pasties, lager and Scampi Fries...

By Manchester's Finest | 15 May 2020

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Beef Madrasty
Higher Ground
If you can get your hands on one of these – you need to do it. Luckily I got one in Higher Ground’s 29 Minute Meal Pack – but there are other ways in which you can get one if you live in the city centre. Why do you need to have one? Well, it’s a curried beef pasty and it’s easily the best thing I’ve eaten all month, perhaps even the full year. – Steven Pankhurst


Milk Choc Cookie
Gooey Co.
With Gooey Co back and delivering, it’s only right that someone from Manchester’s Finest got involved and bought themselves a box to enjoy in the name of ‘content’. That lucky person was I and thus a lovely box of donuts and cookies arrived on my doorstep and I was immediately in treat heaven. I’ll probably have put on a stone but I don’t care – these things are bonkers good. – Jake Hardy


Brunch Takeaway
You don’t need me to tell you how good Federal is. You know that. And if you’re one of the three people in Manchester who hasn’t eaten there, you’ll know it’s good based on the Saturday morning queues. Luckily, the folk down there managed to get Deliveroo set up which meant pastel de nata galore for me. I live in the NQ so managed to pick mine up for a Sunday brunch treat and I don’t know how but those poached eggs were still perfect even after my walk back to the flat. Get involved, you won’t regret it. – Alex Watson


Scampi Fries
The Local Offy
I bought some Scampi Fries because, even though they smell like a mermaid’s fart, they taste divine – especially poured onto a plate with a Cheese Ploughmans butty and a pint of Manchester Union Lager. Scampi Fries for LYF. – Ben Brown


2ltr Growler
Manchester Union Lager
This week saw the truly wonderful sight of a huge 2 litre growler on my doorstep – filled to the brim with tasty Manchester Union Lager. They’re offering up delivery of these massive bottles for only a tenner each (with a £10 deposit on the bottle). You’re getting cold, fresh, fizzy lager straight to your door – what more do ya want?! – Ben Brown


Home By Nico
Six By Nico
This week I ordered a make-at-home DIY kit from Six By Nico – a HUGE feast for 4 that came in at a whopping £80 but it was WELL worth it. It’s designed to be a 6 course meal for 4 and I shared it with one – we had food for three days afterwards! The dishes on the menu change each week so you probably won’t get what I had but I can tell you it was excellent and actually quite a lot of fun to put it all together and add the finishing touches. – Lee Isherwood