The All-Day Brunch & Lifestyle spot in some converted garages in Wilmslow

I love a good strong brew in a garage, the smell of motor oil, grease and hard work.

Well, The Old Garages in Wilmslow is of course nothing like that, but I still love it.

The former garages have been converted into a seriously charming space, well-finished and well-furnished, the cafe is a haven we often visit and never get tired of.

The menu is chalked up on the board with staple favourites and weekly changes we’re always spoilt for choice and often resort to 2 dishes with a “let’s do half & half type of deal.”

I can highly recommend the Salmon Burger with chopped tomato salad, and the Peach, Prosciutto & Mozzarella.

Homemade cakes usually throw in a few unexpected but very good choices; Olive Oil Cake anyone? Worth mentioning the coffee too, well sourced and well served it’s Barista Blend by Coffee Advocates.

A really relaxing space spending a good couple of hours just watching the day pass by is no problem at all.



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