Trove Cafe & Bakery - Levenshulme

Trove is a real success story and brings a smile to my face everytime I walk in there.

By Lee Isherwood | Last updated 6 June 2016

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Anyone who follows me on twitter or instagram will no doubt already know my love for a lazy Sunday morning spent at Trove but I realised the other day I hadn’t actually written it up, so here it is.


Trove is a real success story and brings a smile to my face everytime I walk in there. Husband and wife combo Katy and Marcus (with Citroen van Cyril) have taken both the cafe and bakery from strength to strength over the past 18 months or so.

The bakery side of the business I don’t know much about, other than they supply most of the places I frequent with their sour doughs, seeded and walnut loaves. Having Trove bread as part of your menu is fast becoming reason enough to chose one place over another.

The cafe however is another story. It’s safe to say I’ve spent more Sunday’s in Trove than anywhere else, other than my Grandma’s for Sunday tea when we were younger. From eggs benedict to home made chutneys, cake & brownies through to BYOB Pizza Sunday Evenings Trove have got small but perfectly formed seasonal menus with something for everyone.

If it’s coffee you’re into I can safely say they’ve got it cracked, not least of which by size of the drinks, it’s not about great goblets, quality over quantity is the way coffee should be and at Trove the balance is spot on, you can even by the cups.

With that in mind Katy & Marcus have recently set up Trove Homewares as as a slight business spin off, selling small amounts of homeware pieces, all of which are featured in the cafe.




Levenshulme Market has been and continues to be another great success of the area and Trove are regularly a part of it. The antiques mill opposite has also been a favourite Sunday sauntering spot of mine for some years now and although I’ve enjoyed many a no-nonesense brew and bacon butty in their caf’ over the years I’m glad to now be across the road instead.


They say all it takes to gentrify an area is a good independant cafe and that is exactly what Trove have brought to Levenshulme. Swarming with artists, creatives, familys and little dogs; Levy is getting there.

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