Can you Create Manchester's BEST Kebab?

It's time for the Great Manchester BAB Off...

By Ben Brown | 8 June 2021

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They’ve come up with a fantastic idea at Northern Quarter favourite BAB – and they’ve pretty much completed it with the name too:

The Great Manchester BAB Off

Yep, they’ve created a brilliant new competition – one which will hopefully get the city’s creative juices flowing. Essentially it’s time for YOU to create the BEST kebab in the world, and if yours wins, not only will the kebab be on BAB’s menu – you’ll also get yourself a free meal for 4!

BAB are known throughout the land for their excellent gourmet creations, from the Venison Poutine one they did, to their extremely popular Harissa Octopus – these kebabs are different, they’re creative and above all – they’re always proper fit.

So your kebab creation can’t just be “donner meat and chips” – that’s not going to get you anywhere. Instead, think outside the box a bit – just like some of these comments from BAB’s Instagram…

Curried goat with peppered banana and spicy mango salsa.

IKEA inspired – pork and beef bab with lingonberry jam, Swedish gravy, and crispy shallots (trust me)

Shredded duck with an Asian style plum sauce, with salt & pepper roasted veggies

These are some excellent ideas, but I think that I could do better. So I came up with these two kebabs which, and I’m not afraid to say this, are probably the best in the world…

The 8-Hour Lamb Nihari Kebab
Slow-cooked curried lamb shank, samosas, Bombay potatoes and crushed up poppadoms, topped with a spicy lamb gravy and mint sauce.


The Down Under Kebab
Flame-grilled Crocodile meat, rum-soaked pineapple, sweet potato fries and a spicy peanut satay sauce.

There you go – think you can do better than this lot? Well, some up with a new kebab, comment on BAB’s Instagram and get the recognition you deserve…

Great Manchester BAB Off

Entries close 14th June