COMING SOON: A Disco Den for "Glitter-doused Movers & Groovers" on Deansgate

Birmingham’s paradisiacal disco portal is coming for a dance with the Mancs.

By Emma Davidson | Last updated 20 May 2022

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Mama Roux’s has already established itself as a Midland’s party destination, and they’ve now submitted plans to move in next door to Roxy Ballroom on Deansgate. 

The bar, restaurant and nightclub is specifically for glitter doused movers and groovers, with a playlist of strict party classics, including; ABBA, Crystal Waters, CHIC, Gwen Mcrae and Wham!.

Mama Roux’s playlist also pairs perfectly with the bar’s cocktail offerings, which sees two for £10 Cocktail Happy Hour take place every Wednesday, Thursday, Friday and Sunday in the party palace.

The bar’s cocktail menu is stunning, and we’ve picked out a few treats to give you a little taster of things to come. 

You’ve probably seen this one on Instagram, the Tequila Hoe’se (£9) is a MUST try, containing Ciroc Red Berry, Tequila Rose, Milk, Whipped Cream, as well as hundreds and thousands.

Next up is the Nectar of the Gods (£9) consisting of Apricot Brandy, Cazcabel Honey, Peach Nectar, Citrus and Egg Whites, and the Tropical Rumbull, a great Sunday afternoon tipple if you ask me. This drink is full of Tropical Red Bull, Captain Morgan Spiced and Citrus. Perfect hair of the dog.

The bar also serves a decent line-up of draught beer and wine if you don’t fancy a drink that resembles a dessert. Not that we’re complaining. And you can also grab two doubles for a fiver on a Wednesday if you need a midweek boogie!

Do you really need another reason to get yourself down to Mama Roux’s once it opens?

If you do, the venue also serves a banging food menu from rotating local Birmingham-based businesses.

At the minute, they’ve got Broken Bone BBQ serving burgers and all the smoked meat you could ever want, and hopefully, once they open their Manchester venue, they’ll recruit some of the best local street food superheroes to kit out their kitchen on Deansgate. 

At the moment, we don’t have a confirmed opening date for the venue, but it's looking like it’ll be around summertime. That’s something to look forward to if you've spent your whole afternoon day-drinking and soaking up the heat and just aren’t ready to give up the party come 12am. Mama Roux’s it is!

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