COMING SOON: The Crafty Cheese Man's Ancoats Cheese Shop

The Crafty Cheese Man is grafting away down in Ancoats - getting his brand-new cheese shop ready...

By Ben Brown | Last updated 23 August 2022

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Back during the height of lockdown, I could proudly declare to all that I had my very own personal cheese delivery service. In fact, you all did – as Jonathan Pearcey AKA ‘The Crafty Cheese Man’ took to the streets delivering his selection of the very best British and local cheeses to all.

He’d already made a name for himself in the city with his magnificent ‘Cheese Trolley‘ at Dakota Hotel, one-third of 3 Hands Deli and supplying some of the city’s best restaurants – including Michelin-starred Mana.

Since his lockdown deliveries, he’s continued to grow and expand his cheesy endeavours – and he’s pretty much become the ‘go to’ geezer for any restaurant looking to offer the very best British cheese that money can buy.

Well, he’s set to add another string to his bow this September when he opens his ‘Crafty Cheese Can‘ in Pollard Yard in Ancoats, his very own dedicated cheese shop. “We’ll be aiming for a minimum of 50 kinds of cheese, with constant changes and seasonality playing a big part in our selection.”

“Plus, there’ll be other tasty morsels like charcuterie, olives, and a bit of cheeky merch too.”

The plan is for the ‘Can’ to be a container jam-packed full of cheese and other bits that are cheese-related too.

“Service will be a massive part of The Can,” Jonathan continues, “I really want people to come down, taste some of the cheeses and have a chat with me about it. I could chat for hours about some of these fantastic cheeses and their amazing producers – and hope people can get really excited about them too!”

The Crafty Cheese Can is set to open in September. Follow them for updates…

The Crafty Cheese Can