Corner Slice Detroit Pizzas are coming to Ancoats for the Summer!

They'll be taking over the kitchens at Jimmy's on Cutting Room Square...

Great news everyone – Corner Slice is coming to Ancoats this Summer, taking over the kitchens at Jimmy’s on Cutting Room Square from Friday 3rd June.

Coined as the very first people to bring the Detroit pizza to Manchester, Corner Slice exploded onto the scene back in 2019 with their huge slabs of dough and cheese.

They were a breath of fresh air in a city where Neapolitan style pizzas seemingly ruled the roost, and they’ve been massively popular ever since.

The Detroit-style pizza gets its name from, yep you’ve guessed it – the city in America, where they were originally cooked in blue steel metal containers from the local car factories which gave the pies a soft and airy crust, crispy exterior and caramelised cheese edges.

This tradition continues and Corner Slice cook each pizza in steel pans sourced from Lloyds Pans in Spokane, Washington, and with dough that they prove overnight, you’re left with pies that are absolutely superb as a result. That crispy cheese edge is life-changing, and Corner Slice are certainly very creative when it comes to their toppings.

Launching in Jimmy’s on Friday 3rd June, Corner Slice will be offering both full pies and slices from 12pm – 10pm Wednesday – Sundays.


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