Cottonopolis brings a taste of their Japanese Junk to Hatch

The Cottonopolis late-night Japanese Junk menu has been feeding hungry Northern Quarter goers for a little over six months now and it is safe to say we love it.

By Manchester's Finest | Last updated 10 December 2018

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Nothing is better than swerving that greasy kebab shop making a b-line to Cottons for a gin and tonic and a wagyu burger when the alcohol-induced pangs of hunger begin to strike.

The menu is a marriage of late night favourites with a Japanese twist which is so signature to Cottonopolis. Think burgers, bao buns, loaded fries and juicy gyoza dumplings- this menu is everything we ever needed.

The only issue though, was this menu is only available at Cottonopolis from 10 pm until midnight, and being a lightweight, I do not tend to last that long. So, you can imagine my excitement when I heard they were bringing the concept down to Oxford Road’s street food Mecca Hatch.

Yeah, I was pretty damn excited.

Japanese Junk has moved into Hatch to bring these amazing dishes out of the city centre and into the daytime (yay!) and they have brought a pretty special menu of all the classic with them.

You can tuck into the epic Wagyu beef burger with American cheese and dashi ketchup which I once dubbed ‘the best burger in Manchester’- a statement I still stand by to this day. The Karaage fried chicken burger is pretty righteous for the record also.


There are also Bao buns, one filled with fried fish, mayo and tartare pickle and the other filled with panko breaded sweet potato, spring onions, chilli and tempura onions – which I have to say is one of the best vegetarian dishes I have ever had. True Story.

On the side, enjoy some veggie or meaty goyza dumplings smothered in chilli jam and kewpie mayo or the tempura onions with togarashi which are THE best onion rings you have ever had- hands down.

You cannot go wrong with their skinny fries – but do not think for a minute that they haven’t had a Japanese makeover too as these bad boys are spiked with Nori seaweed salt and dashi ketchup and make the perfect accompaniment to that delicious wagyu burger.

You can also get some pretty serious drinks over at Japanese Junk including some Asian twists on Christmas favourites like their Sake Mulled Wine as well as gin, beers, wine and fizz.

Late night or not, you don’t have any excuse not to get a slice of Japanese Junk at any time of day!


Japanese Junk by Cottonopolis

Venue: Hatch
Times: Monday-Wednesday 11 am – 3 pm
            Thursday- Saturday 11am-9pm
            Sunday 12 pm – 9 pm


Hatch, Oxford Road, Manchester, M1 7ED