Cottonopolis freshen up their menu with some new additions

We love Cottonopolis not just for their great drinks, immersive dining experiences and generally awesome vibe- but we love them for their fresh, modern take on Japanese and Pan-Asian cusine that keeps us going back for more again and again and again...

By Manchester's Finest | Last updated 6 April 2018

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And, I’ve got some good news. They have some brand new additions to their menu.


On the ice section of the menu, which concentrates on freshly prepared sushi and sashimi, there is a new addition of Loch Duart salmon Tataki- which is a seared and thinly sliced variation of sashimi. This one is good for those of us who are a bit grossed out by the concept of raw fish, and when paired with cucumber, tart yuzu and Ikura (salmon caviar) it is hard to say no.


Fire sees the additions of Wagyu beef Tsukune (or tender meatballs to you and I) and roast kabocha pumpkin with onion, kimchi shallot and broccoli. I absolutely adored the latter as it is not something I would pick out on a menu, but I can now consider myself converted- it’s vegan too and is a good example of how vegan food does not take a back seat in priority over at Cottonopolis.


The oil section has the new Wagyu beef tartare which is absolutely mind blowing. I’ve been anaemic most of my adult life, so I find myself craving raw meat constantly and this dish is the best at satisfying my vampiric cravings (safely).

Wagyu beef is basically the best quality you can get- the cows are massaged, fed beer and literally sang too on a daily basis so the meat is tender and sweet. You shouldn’t worry about it being raw either- quality doesn’t get much better than this.


New members to the Steam team include brisket bao buns with pickled mushrooms and truffle mayo- and come on who doesn’t love a bao? It is Asia’s answer to a butty and when there is slow cooked, juicy brisket included it is safe to say I am fully on board. For vegans and gastronomes alike, you can get stuck into the seitan, shiitake mushroom and truffle goyza- they are banging.

Make sure you get down there ASAP and try all the new dishes and some of your favourite old timers!

Cottonopolis, 16 Newton St, Manchester M1 2AE
0161 236 5144