Cottonopolis Launches Stunning New Cocktails Inspired by Profound Japanese Idioms

Cottonopolis have launched a stunning new cocktail menu which is inspired by a range of traditional Japanese idioms, parables and sayings.

By Manchester's Finest | Last updated June 25th '18

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The concept for these cocktails reflects the pan-Asian ethos of Cottonopolis. The drinks themselves are expertly crafted by in-house mixologist Gethin Jones with a range of authentic and unique ingredients like yuzu, shisho, eucalyptus and verbena oil just to name a few. In short, these drinks are works of art, and even the menu is one of the most beautifully presented things I have ever seen. So, without further ado, here is a list of the exquisite new cocktails at Cottonopolis. 十人十 Ten Men, Ten Colours Meaning: Everyone has their own tastes Portobello Road Gin, Lillet Rose, Rhubarb Green Apple & Red Sorrel Shrub, Eucalyptus, Lime, Hibiscus Tonic  猿も木から落ち Even monkeys fall from trees Meaning: Even an expert can make mistakes Monkey 47 Gin, Citadelle Aged Gin, White Peach & Papaya Cordial, Jinro Falernum,  Banana, Ginger,  Lemon Kiwi Kombucha 悪因悪果 Evil cause, evil effect Meaning: You reap what you sow Don Julio Tequila Infused With Roasted Pineapple, Shiso and Yuzu, Lillet Blanc, Suze, Citric Acid, Sour Pineapple Paint 猫に小判 Gold coins to a cat Meaning: Don’t offer things to people who will not appreciate them Tanqueray Gin Infused With Strawberry, Acai Liqueur, Sake Watermelon, Lime 井の中の蛙大 海を知らず A frog in a well knows nothing of the great sea Meaning: A narrow-minded person will never see the bigger picture Havana 7yr Rum, British Mint & Caramel, Midori Chartreuse Elixir, Prosecco 酔生夢死 Drunken death, dreamy life Meaning: To dream your life away Cottonopolis Gin, Raspberry & Bergamot Cordial, Lemon Verbena Oil 弱肉強食 The weak are meat the strong eat Meaning: Survival of the fittest Nikka From The Barrel Whisky,  Blood Orange Liqueur Byrrh,  Pedro Ximenez Sherry, Sweet & Savory Bitters, Duck Fat Washed 木の実は元 へ落つ The Fruits of the tree falls to its roots Meaning: The apple doesn’t fall far from the tree Ferdinands Quince Gin, Bulleit Bourbon, Green Tea, Graviola & Rose Infused Mirin, Lemon 起死回生 Wake from death, return to life Meaning: To come out of a desperate situation Sauvelle Vodka, Freya Birch Spirit, Elderflower, Tonic Syrup, Mineral Water, House Made Wild Berry “Berocca” 明日は明日 の風が吹 Tomorrow’s wind will blow tomorrow Meaning: Tomorrow is another day Plantation 3yr, Pineapple And Overproof Rums, Aluna Coconut Rum,  Robata Grilled Mango, Black “Tiki” Tea Citrus, Milk Washed 海千山 Ocean thousand, mountain thousand Meaning: Someone with lots of experience who can wiggle out of any situation- similar to ‘a sly old fox.’ Talisker Storm Scotch, Sea Buckthorn, Oakmoss, Ricard Pastis, Lemon, Whites, The Great Wave   明日は明日 の風が Pulling water to my own rice paddy Meaning: Doing things that only benefit yourself Ketel One Vodka Infused With Sweet Toasted Rice, Kumquat Plum Sake,  Milk Syrup 異体同心 Different body, same mind Meaning: Great minds think alike Augier Singulier Cognac, Cabernet Franc Ice Wine, Suze Peach Hop, Blackcurrant Leaf & Dandylion Bitters Book Now The Cottonopolis cocktails were designed by Gethin Jones, the photos were taken by Lucas Smith and the menu design, and artwork was by Jack Kimberley. Cottonopolis, 16 Newton St, Manchester M1 2AE 0161 236 5144