Could Manchester be getting a Gordon Ramsey restaurant?

If we do - will they sell idiot sandwiches?

By Manchester's Finest | 25 August 2020

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Gordon Ramsey seems to be coming right out of the COVID-19 pandemic like Andy Dufresne came out of that pipe at the end of The Shawshank Redemption – laying out plans to open another 50 new sites across the UK.

His restaurant group made a profit of more than £15m last year, and so he’s outlined plans to open a further 50 restaurants across the UK, as well as expanding into Asia with a further 200 sites planned in the next five years.

Part of the expansion will be a move up north with plans for venues in Manchester and Newcastle – but what will they be?

His current portfolio of restaurants and brands is diverse, from the high end ‘Restaurant Gordon Ramsey‘ to all-you-can-eat ‘Street Pizza‘ venues. He even made a ‘Hell’s Kitchen’ restaurant in Las Vegas a couple of years back – not sure how that one works.

So keep an eye out on the news for a potential Ramsey restaurant in the city. Hopefully it’s not another repeat of the Jamie Oliver stuff…