Crazy Pedro's are making MAD pizzas from the Turtles this weekend!

Banana & Anchovies? Sausage & Jelly Beans? Pepperoni & Marshmallows?

By Manchester's Finest | 20 May 2021

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Fans of the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles will know that the four green bastards absolutely LOVE their pizza and the toppings they have on them are rather ODD to say the least.

To celebrate World Turtle Day on Sunday 23rd May, Pedro’s have re-created three Turtles pizzas – available through Deliveroo ONLY over the weekend.

The limited edition pizzas are…

– Banana + Anchovies
– Sausage & Jelly Beans
– Pepperoni + Marshmallows

Nick Coupland from Crazy Pedro’s said, “We’ve had so much fun working on this with Deliveroo – we’re known for doing some pretty out there stuff and these three pizzas tick all the boxes in what we’re about pizza wise – out there flavour combinations that shouldn’t work but they (usually) do! These are also super limited so once they’re gone, they’re gone! And all the better to do this in the name of World Turtle Day!”

Natasha Graydon from Deliveroo said, ‘‘We’re always cooking up new ways to create fun and unique dishes with our restaurant partners, but these new pizzas inspired by four of our favourite turtles will seriously make our customers think ‘what the shell?’. If you have a penchant for adventure, now’s the perfect time to try something turtle-y new. Jump on the Deliveroo app this weekend and check out Crazy Pedro’s inspired shellection of weird and wonderful pizzas.”

The limited edition World Turtle Day pizzas cost £16.00, plus delivery and service fees. These are limited-edition, so order while stocks last from your local Crazy Pedro’s on Deliveroo.

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