Crazy Pedro's have their own Hooch tin - so we made cocktails with it!

Due to the runaway success of Hooch and a slice of pizza, they've put Pedro front and centre...

By Ben Brown | 29 October 2020

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You all know what Hooch is by now.

It was one of the first in the ALCOPOP craze of the late nineties – simultaneously getting 13 year olds pissed down the park and causing a fuss down the Daily Mail offices on what seemed like an hourly basis.

The best thing about Hooch? Well, not only is it damn tasty it’s also a great mixer for cocktails – pretty much going with anything and adding a little extra ZING! that’ll put a spring in your step. Or cause you to fall over. Or both.

Well, seeing as Crazy Pedro’s sell SO many cans of the stuff, they’ve managed to get their very own can made – featuring the chubby funster Pedro himself.

The innards are the same but this momentous news got my cogs turning – looking to come up with our favourite Hooch cocktails that you can make yourself when in Pedro’s…

The Gooch

Hooch & Gin
The Ultimate Hooch cocktail, and something that was (according to some reports) invented within the very walls of Pedro’s NQ after a particularly heavy session. Get a shot of gin in the bottom of your cup, add ice and pour Hooch over the top. Stir with straw and enjoy with a slice of Margarita.


Turbo Shandy

Hooch & Lager
A true teenager classic – the Turbo Shandy manages to make even the most disgusting lager taste like water from a spring meadow. Luckily the Pilsner in Pedro’s is pretty mega itself – so just add your Hooch to it and enjoy all the delights of an ‘adult’ shandy. Perfect alongside a slice of the fiery Kimbo.


Hooch & Henny

Hooch & Hennessey
A drink recommended to me by Sean d’Paul himself when he visited Manchester a few months back on a Costco training course – if you want to feel like a true baller – Hooch & Henny is the one. Apparently he got the recipe off 50 Cent when they were both appearing on stage at the Rhyl Pontins in 2002. Drink it with a slice of Godfather and you’ll feel like a true G.


The Flaming Hooch

Hooch & Fireball
A concoction that was created by Finest’s very own video maestro Joe Wilson – the Flaming Hooch is a little nod towards the famous Flaming Homer from the Simpsons except there’s no Krusty Kough Syrup in there and you don’t need to set it on fire. It’s refreshing with a hint of spice on the way down. Perfect with a Mac Daddie slice.


Hooch Spritzer

Hooch & Wine
Perhaps you’re on a date and want to show off a bit. Or you’re in Pedro’s and it’s Happy Hour so you buy a cheap bottle of plonk to enjoy alongside your slices. Well, add a can of Hooch to the mix and you’ve got one of the best wine spritzers in existence. Enjoy with a slice of their Pepperoni with a smile.



Hooch, Tequila & Lime
Crazy Pedro’s is well known for their extensive range of tequila and mezcal – so why not take advantage of what’s on offer and mix it with some Hooch. Basically the easiest Margarita you’ll ever make – it’s perfect for setting the night up nicely and will certainly get you hammered within 27 minutes. Enjoy with any slice – they’re all good.


Hooch @ Crazy Pedro’s

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