Crazy Pedro's have made their very own Party Brew!

They've collaborated with Camden Town Brewery to bring us their own tasty beer.

By Ben Brown | 8 October 2019

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Pedro’s Party Brew has been brewed in collaboration with the teams down at Pedro’s and Camden and has been designed to be the perfect easy-drinker – a lager/ale mash up with pale ale malt and citrusy hops.

It’s supposed to be the ultimate party beer, and although I would probably say that Stella will always hold that crown, this Camden brew will probably end up in fewer tears and bust-ups.

Available at all good Pedro’s sites from Friday 11th October, the first 50 people to buy a bottle will also get their hands on a FREE limited-edition collaborative t-shirt that you can wear around town to show off (or get on eBay and make some money to buy more beer).

From the 6th October, Pedro’s will be giving you the chance to win your very own office party with a shit-ton of beer & pizzas included.

Keep a close eye on Crazy Pedro’s Facebook/Twitter/Instagram for details on how you can WIN big for your office, as well as getting your hands on the beer before anyone else in the world. Not even I, Ben Brown, has tried it yet!

If you’re not too hungover on Sunday 13th October head down to Ped’s NQ where they will be hosting the ultimate ‘Brew’ Pong competition, so get involved and expect a hefty amount of beer and pizza!

Speaking on the collaboration, Jobe Ferguson, Director said: “We’re over the moon to have teamed up with Camden and to be the first venue outside the capital to brew their own beer! We had fun down at Camden HQ working out what we wanted to do with it (and drinking too much beer) and we’re loving how it’s turned out – it’s fresh and fruity, but one you can still drink a fair few of…”


Pedro’s Party Brew
Crazy Pedro’s x Camden Town Brewery

Venue: Pedro’s NQ, Bridge Street (and Liverpool)
Date: From Friday 11th October