Diablesse Spiced Rum create their own boozy Chocolates (that you can make at home!)

Independent Manchester-based Diablesse Rum have created something special this Christmas...

By Manchester's Finest | Last updated 9 December 2019

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While pretty much every single boozer in the city is offering up something new and exciting this Christmas, Diablesse Spiced Rum have taken matters into their own hands and gone one further by offering up not just new cocktails but also the chance to make your own RUM TRUFFLES!

Diablesse only launched in February but since then has garnered an impressive range of stockists and a reputation as one of the best tipples in town. It’s currently Rum of the Month over at The Liars Club, as well as graces the shelves at The Refuge, Wolf at the Door, Cottonopolis, Volta, CBRB and many, many more.

For Christmas they’ve gone all out as Diablesse creator Cleo Farman has created a new list of cocktails that are the perfect remedy for these chilly, dark days – and they’re designed for you to make at home.

You’ll find the deliciously decadent Hot Hot Chocolate and the Hot Buttered Rum, alongside more traditional cocktail serves including Define Naughty, Devil After Dinner and Winter Spiced, all of which are shaken and strained over ice.

Each cocktail can be made at home – perfect for impressing your mates when they pop round for a bit of Turkey and a few games of Pictionary.

Diablesse x Cottonopolis Cocktail Recipes

Diablesse have gone one further too by not just offering up recipes for the wet stuff – but Rum Chocolates too!

Easy to make at home, these boozy chocolates could make a wonderful personalised gift or just be scoffed by yourself on Christmas morning while watching Songs of Praise.

Diablesse Dark Rum Truffles

Diablesse White Rum Truffles

You can also catch Diablesse Rum at the following events and Christmas Markets:

6 Dec: Selfridges Exchange Square Xmas Tasting Event
7 Dec: Selfridges Trafford Centre Xmas Tasting Event // Cheadle Makers Market // Lowry Christmas Makers Market
8 Dec: Lowry Xmas Makers Market
14 Dec: Lowry Xmas Makers Market // Stockport Makers Market // Astons of Manchester Xmas Tasting Event
15 Dec: Northern Quarter Makers Market // Lowry Xmas Makers Market
20 Dec: Whisky Exchange Xmas Tasting Event Covent Garden (London)
21 Dec: Whisky Exchange Fitzrovia Xmas Tasting Event (London) // Chorlton Makers Market //  Lowry Makers Market
22 Dec: Treacle Market Macclesfield // Bombed Out Church Liverpool Makers Market //Lowry Makers Market // West Didsbury Makers Market


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