Dishoom have created a Bacon Naan Roll Kit!

With ingredients to create two first-rate Bacon Naan Rolls in the comfort of your own kitchen.

By Manchester's Finest | 23 June 2020

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There are an awful lot of things that I’ve missed about Dishoom during lockdown, one of them being their entire Breakfast menu – especially their wonderful Bacon Naan Roll.

It’s pretty much achieved legendary status, and for something that’s so simple – it’s truly one of the best things you can ever eat for breakfast. Fact.

Well, luckily for all of you who are craving one of them like me, Dishoom have created their first-ever ‘at home’ cookery kit – complete with all the ingredients to create their Bacon Naan Rolls in your own kitchen.

The kit contains freshest ingredients including smoked streaky bacon from Ramsay of Carluke (matured in the traditional Ayrshire way and smoked over applewood and beechwood chips), three naan doughballs (enough for two plus a spare for experimentation), tomato-chilli jam (their sweet, sharp, spicy signature sauce), fresh coriander and cream cheese.

Each kit also contains loose leaf Darjeeling tea, chai spices and fresh ginger slices for brewing Chef Naved’s much-loved Masala Chai.

The only downside is that nationwide delivery isn’t ready just yet – but it should be ready and rearing to go very soon. Head on over to the Dishoom website to keep up to date with developments.