DIY Cocktail Masterclass at Sandinista

My usual experience of mixing cocktails at home typically revolves around putting some vodka in a pint glass and adding some Diet Coke.

By Ben Brown | 28 August 2018

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Even though I managed to build myself a little bar out of an old school desk, I’m still pretty much clueless when it comes to actually mixing and making cocktails – especially considering I don’t have any of the equipment and the only real experience I’ve ever had is two disastrous weeks in the Deansgate Wetherspoons in 2006.

Step up Sandinista, who have put together a DIY Cocktail Masterclass, which aims to show people like me that you can make delicious high-end cocktails, all from the comfort of your own home.

They’re keen to stress that you don’t need all of the fancy bar equipment that you’d see scattered around, they perform everything you need to know by simply using a jar and an egg cup – something everyone is sure to have in their house somewhere.

We went down to check it out and it must be said – I learnt an awful lot. The main revelation for me was the idea behind the ratios of pretty much every single cocktail that exists – 2:1:1. This tells me that the best way to achieve balance in any drink is 2 parts alcohol, 1 part sour and 1 part sweet – something which you will find within most cocktails today.

Once you’ve got this you’re pretty much on your way, and small tweaks to your measurements are all that are needed, adding a bit more sour or a bit more sweet where necessary.

By the end of the Masterclass I was considering myself an expert, although to be fair – I’ve definitely still got a long way to go.

DIY Cocktail Masterclass at Sandinista
2-Hour Classes
7 Days a week
Between 6 – 18 Guests
£30pp (Includes 4 cocktails & a welcome drink)

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Sandinista, 2 Old Bank St, Manchester, M2 7PF
0161 832 9955