You'll Find 28 Different Combinations of Loaded Fries at Black Dog...

And so we tried as many as possible before passing out!

By Ben Brown | August 16th '19

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Sitting down in Black Dog and having some food is one of life's best pleasures, a pleasure that is made all the better when you discover that they have a whole section of their menu dedicated entirely to fries. Or chips - whatever you want to call them. As you get started, you have the choice of Seasoned House Fries or Sweet Potato Fries (which will never let you down), alongside the more adventurous SPAM or Halloumi Fries. But if you cast your eyes down a couple of inches, you'll find the 'LOADED FRIES' section and I assure you, you'll be in heaven. The thing is - you can completely pick and mix with the loaded fries - meaning there's 28 different combinations available! 28! First, choose your size; individual or sharing. Then your chip; waffle, thick cut, sweet potato, house - and then the fun begins. There's seven toppings to make your fries completely yours - meaning you can choose from one of 28 potential combinations of chips. Endless amounts of fun! We went on down to Black Dog and tried as many combinations as we could before passing out. Here's what we thought... Thick Cut with The Northern What a great place to start. Who doesn’t love chips, cheese and gravy? I suppose if you are posh you could call it poutine, but this dish is just so lovably simple at Black Dog. I think the thick cut fries are an excellent choice for this one and they are as robust and hardy as the dish itself. I could eat this every day into forever. - Kate Tighe   Sweet Potato with Sloppy Joe I’m not normally a huge fan of sweet potato fries, but I wanted to try something different this time to see if it would change my mind. I therefore decided to top them with the Sloppy Joe - a real Tex-Mex vibe that includes beef chilli, tomato, with melted jack cheese, sour cream and chive. It sort of reminded me of nachos which is a great thing in my book. - Jake Hardy   Waffle Cut with Pizza Waffle fries are by far my favourite fries in the world so what better to top them with than my most favourite food in the world - pizza!! The pizza topping comes with pepperoni, a rich tomato Ragu and grated mozzarella that then melts all over your waffles and makes them at least 56x better than usual. - Ben Brown   House Fries and Peppercorn Steak A big fan of any form of meat, I chose to top these thin House Fries with roasted steak and a creamy peppercorn sauce. Re-creating a steak dinner all in one - this combo was wonderfully messy, sticky and absolutely terrific. - Joe Wilson   Sweet Potato and Crackerjack (v) I was intrigued by the 'crackerjack' topping because it sounded just like a stir-fry but with fries instead of all of those pesky noodles. Basically it's salt and pepper seasoning, sliced fresh chillies, mixed peppers and onions - perfectly savoury alongside the sweet potato fries. - Charlotte Warrior   Thick Cut with BBQ Pork Big thick chips. LOADS of Pulled Pork, mustard, BBQ sauce, mustard and tonnes of pickles! Perfect. - Alex Watson The possibilities are (almost) endless, so get yourself down there and get involved. ......................... Loaded Fries at Black Dog VIEW MENU Book A Table ......................... Black Dog Ballroom NQ, 52 Church St, Manchester M4 1PW