Exciting New Dishes & A Refreshing New Look down at BAB

We all know how much BAB likes to keep things fresh, and they’ve done it again with a few additions to their already fantastic menu.

By Manchester's Finest | July 30th '19

Starting with mezze, punters coming to BAB can now enjoy the Sheftalia (£6) – a delightful combo of pork and lamb made into a sausage and served with a cool feta and pickled chilli labneh. These little guys make a great start to any meal at BAB.

There are a couple of swaps, amends and additions when it comes to the ‘babs too. The Lamb Adana (£10) has had a makeover where the tender cubes of marinated lamb are twinned with feta, pistachio labneh, crisp chicory and a sweet, sticky red onion marmalade which ties the whole thing together.

Fish lovers will fall head over fins for the Harissa Crab Cake Bab (£10). These slightly spiced crab cakes are lovely and crisp and are a match made in heaven with the creamy avocado puree.

You will also find bright jewels of pink grapefruit on this ‘bab which provide little bursts of sweet-sourness and a smile on your face guaranteed.

Most excitingly, BAB has added two extremely special vegan kebabs to the menu.

First is the Stuffed Baby Aubergine (£9.50) which was the real winner for me. This came with a generous slathering of baba ganoush (smoked aubergine smash), beautiful marinated peppers and veggie crisps.

The second is a lovely little Tenderstem Broccoli number (£9.50) jam-packed with hummus, pickled tomatoes, pistachio dukkah for some CRUNCH, sun-blushed tomatoes and a hot harissa puree to tie it all together.

All the new dishes on the BAB menu are nothing less than fantastic and I strongly recommend you get yourselves down to give them a try before it is too late.

Coming in to try the new menu makes a perfect excuse to come in and see the brand new expansion downstairs. You can chow down on these magnificent BABs until 10pm and then stay a while longer to drink & dance into the wee hours…

…race you down there!

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BAB, Little Lever St, Manchester, M1 1HR