Festa Italiana- Start your summer now with Limoncello Di Capri

Following the roaring success of last year’s festival, Fest Italiana is set to return to Manchester on the 13th of July for a weekend of authentic Italian food, drink and celebration.

By Manchester's Finest | April 3rd '18

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Cathedral gardens will be transformed into ‘Little Italy’, and will be host to exquisite food, the finest Italian drinks, and live music, and is expected to be enjoyed by more than 26,000 visitors. Festa Italiana will occupy the square with street- food stalls, bars, cookery demonstrations, live music and a producer’s stall that will be selling the best premium meats, cheeses and pastries north of Naples. But more importantly, this will be the event where you will be able to taste the drink of the summer- the Capri Spritz. The main ingredient is Limoncello Di Capri, a trademarked brand of Limoncello that has been developed and perfected over the course of a century by the descendants of the original creator, Vincenza Canale. This tangy, refreshing spirit is made from lemons grown exclusively in Capri and Sorrento, two regions that have earned a geographical protection status. Using traditional methods, the lemon peel is delicately removed and infused in grain alcohol, imparting a delightful and sweet lemon tang that is guaranteed to tantalise and tease your taste bud. Until now, Limoncello Di Capri has been enjoyed mainly Italians, but will now be making its way into glasses and cocktails in Manchester for the anticipated, Festa Italiana. This luxurious, artisan drink is delicious enough on its own but is even more delightful when teamed with ice, premium tonic, Prosecco Brut and fresh mint and strawberries. This ladies and gentlemen is the Capri Spritz.But if you can’t wait till July to get your hands on it, Salvi’s in Manchester will be serving this drink- along with other fruity cocktails- at their John Dalton street restaurant and Corn Exchange mozzarella bar. So, if you’d like to start your summer early, head down to Saliv’s and enjoy the real taste of Italy- the Limoncello Di Capri Sprtiz