Fresh, Homemade Pasta perfection at Manchester's Oldest Italian...

The best way to test out an Italian restaurant is to test the quality of their pasta - which should ideally be made fresh daily and by hand.

By Ciara Martin | 24 January 2020

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The talented chefs over at Don Giovanni make fresh ravioli and gnocchi every day, as well as bread, pizza dough and a number of delectable desserts. You can usually spot them in the window making beautiful sheets of pasta and little pillows of ravioli.

It doesn’t stop there, with the bartenders even creating their famed Limoncello by hand daily.

Don Giovanni’s fresh pasta is used in a number of dishes. For example- Ravioli di Spinaci egg ravioli filled with ricotta & spinach in a butter and sage sauce, or Gnocchi al Pomodoro which is made up from miniature potato dumplings cooked with mozzarella, tomato sauce and basil.

My personal favourite, on the other hand, would be the Ravioli Neri al Granchio which is homemade ravioli crab with cherry tomatoes in a butter sauce. This is made with pasta which is enriched with squid ink which gives it a distinct black colour and fishy hint to the flavour.

It is one of those dishes I could eat over and again and not get tired, and it isn’t just because I love crab- the silky pasta is some of the best I have had this side of Milano.

Pasta is Italian comfort food at its best, but that doesn’t mean that you should scrimp on quality. Like I said before, high-quality, handmade pasta is the best way to test an Italian restaurant- a test Don Giovanni passes with flying colours every time.


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