From Building Sites to Bhunas: The Ex-Scaffolder Making Indian Curry Pies

We spoke to the man behind Patel's Pies, recently launched in Heaton Moor's Bernie's Grocery Store

By Manchester's Finest | 15 February 2021

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Back at the end of January we told you all about Patel’s Pies, homemade Indian pies being served at Bernie’s – Heaton Moor’s fantastic new responsibly sourced grocery store.

An idea formed in the brain of Will France, Bernie’s was a direct result of him losing his job in April last year during the first national lockdown, so he got together with his partner, Bethan Roberts – whose expertise includes working at Pollen and Wolfhouse, and opened Bernie’s.

Since then the store has been incredibly popular amongst locals, with a range of organic fruit, vegetables, sandwiches, cheese, wine and a selection of exquisite baked goods – including PATEL’S PIES!

These delicious Indian pies come from Steve Patel, a man who was a scaffolder for 18 years but made his move into the world of food a couple of years back with the outstanding Vaso Kitchen.

Steve Patel – Patel’s Pies / Vaso Kitchen

Learning all he knows about the cuisine from his Indian dad, Steve has always given his curries and dishes a bit of a Northern twist, culminating in the decision to wrap them up in pastry as the region’s favourite snack.

Will France with Patel’s Pies

Available in a choice of three flavours; Lamb Keema, Desi Chicken and Aloo Matar (Potato & Peas), the pies are all priced at a very reasonable £4.50 each.

These beauties are big, crispy and absolutely packed full of filling and flavour – well worth a stroll down to Bernie’s for. Our Matt tried the Lamb Keema one and he hasn’t shut up since going on about how good it was – so maybe start there…

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