Get HUGE Homemade PIES delivered to your house!

Don't bother getting the flour and rolling pin out - let someone else bring the pies to you...

By Manchester's Finest | April 21st '20

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If you live in (or near) Oldham then you're in for a pie-shaped treat. A BIG treat. Maypole Granary in Royton are offering up their huge (and delicious) homemade pies for delivery during the COVID-19 pandemic - so you can get some of the best pies ever without leaving your house. For only £7 you can choose from Cottage Pie, Meat & Potato, Cheese & Onion or a Chicken Curry pie - and there's enough in there to feed 4 VERY hungry people. Personally, I believe their Cheese & Onion Pie to be probably the best you'll ever taste - it's made using an old recipe that's been handed down through the family for years. It's mega. To order, just ring the following number, pay by card and you'll get a huge lovely pie dropped off to your house. Perfect.

The Maypole Granary Pie Hotline: 0161 626 1266