The Gourmet Pigs Cheek Kebab topped with Pork Scratchings...

Two of the best foods have now been combined - kebabs and pork scratchings (and it's mega!)

By Ben Brown | 10 January 2020

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Back in the old days when people used to go to pubs, the routine was always the same. Pop in after work, grab a few pints, eat some pork scratchings, talk some blarney and head on home on an empty stomach when the boozer closed at 11pm.

On the way back, if you lived in a good enough area, you’d be able to pick up a lovely kebab, choosing to either snuffle it on the way home or eat it watching Channel 5 once you got in.

Well, with their NEW MENU this week, BAB have created the ultimate mash-up of kebab and scratching – and I must admit – it’s absolutely phenomenal.

The kebabs at BAB aren’t just your usual bog-standard kebabs – these are gourmet, high-end creations, and this Pig Cheek Shawarma (£11.50) is no different.

The in-house flatbread is topped with the finest pig cheek, pickled fennel, apple sauce and finally – pork scratchings. This thing will blow you away I promise.

The Pig Cheek Shawarma is part of BAB’s new menu which also features an update to their Lamb Adana (£11), the return of their outstanding Harissa Octopus Kebab (£12), a vegan Crispy Oyster Mushroom Kebab (£9.50) and an impressive Flat Iron Steak Kebab (£12) which comes loaded with whipped blue cheese, walnuts, pickled raisins, balsamic onions, beetroot puree and watercress.

These new creations sit alongside classics such as their Chicken with Aleppo Chilli (£11), Grilled Tenderstem Broccoli (£9.50) and their Chip Shop Halloumi Kebab (£10) which is as good as it sounds with beer batter bits, puffed potato, chip shop curry sauce and wasabi peas.

There’s plenty to choose from there and what’s more, this January BAB will be offering 50% off BABS Monday – Wednesday if you pre-book online. Thank you very much indeed.


Pig Cheek Shawarma at BAB


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