Graduate with an Indian Summer at Asha's

As a student, you've finished your exams and now it's getting to that point where you're going to have to start thinking about some pretty serious questions.

By Ben Brown | 6 July 2018

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First up, your smile. What smile are you going to do for your graduation photo? Do you show teeth? Do you grin menacingly? Do you try a bit of Blue Steel™? This is probably the most important decision here so perhaps take a few pictures of different smiles, invite some friends and family round and you can all vote on your favourite.

Next up is a biggie too – where to have your Graduation meal. You know the score, your parents will be clapping away at the graduation ceremony, your dad searching the crowd for that lad you mentioned last Christmas so he can give him the evil eye, and once you’re up and done – they’ll be thinking about tucking into some food and sipping some fizz.

Traditionally not somewhere high on the list of suggestions though would be a curry. Take your parents down Rusholme after your graduation and you can expect to be knee deep in bright red sauce, poppadom chunks and pints of Cobra within around 10 minutes.

Not so much with Asha’s, whose new Indian Summer Menu is perfect for a much more unique and contemporary Indian experience. The menu champions subtle, light flavours that allow you to taste the quality of the seasonal British produce such as fava beans, chard, lamb and monkfish.

The menu features some fantastic dishes such as the Grilled Chicken and Fava Beans, the Monkfish Tikka and one of the best dishes I’ve eaten all year – the Stone Bass Sunchoke Curry which has such a range of flavours that are so perfectly balanced that I couldn’t stop eating it and felt like I never could.

So, get yourself booked in for your graduation and experience a much more interesting Indian experience away from the bad décor, terrible tunes and stodgy curries. You can then start thinking about the other serious questions, like what the hell am I going to do with my life now?!

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