Hatch Welcomes a New Set of Food Traders

Summer is well and truly on its way, and with it comes a fresh set of food traders at our favourite Oxford Road hang out, Hatch.

By Manchester's Finest | Last updated 14 May 2018

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We were there this bank holiday weekend to check out all that they had going on, and it is safe to say that I gorged myself into ecstasy on all the delicious new grub. If you haven’t been down yet I really envy you right now, you are sure in for a treat.

Holy Crab
Holy Crab is a legendary Manchester pop-up which has been going from strength to strength in recent years. We have seen them supper-club, we have seen them cater weddings, and now we see them settle in at Hatch for twelve weeks.

The focus is on high-quality, sustainable seafood snacks and morsels of deliciousness. They opened up their residency at Hatch a few weeks ago, and they are serving up the likes of cheesy crab balls with brown crab mayo, rock oysters, and one of the best fish finger butties you have ever cast your eyes on. If you love fish – look no further than Holy Crab.

Yadda Yadda
When you think of kebabs, you might think of something greasy and disgusting you grab drunkenly on your way home from a messy night out. But, when it comes to Yadda Yadda – think again.

Yadda Yadda is kebabs done proper. Think slow cooked lamb shawarma with coriander, and chilli served in a freshly baked flatbread. Yes, please. These kebabs have had a gourmet makeover at this pop-up, and we loved them at their permanent home at Electrik in Chorlton,  it is ace to get our hands on them a little closer to town.

FireBird Hope
This is another famous Manchester supper club and pop-up who have set up shop in Hatch for twelve weeks. They focus on artisan fried chicken sandwiches (and buttermilk seitan for the vegans out there) as well as craft sodas made in Manchester.

Oh, and these aren’t just any fried chicken sandwiches. They are stacked with agave slaw, koji mayo and pickles all squished between a sourdough bun. You have to be pretty quick though, they might be there seven days a week, but they only serve a limited number per day- so get a wiggle on and get down to Hatch.  

Well Hung (Stays Put)
Ok, so it isn’t a new addition, but I just wanted to draw some attention to Well Hung. They are staying there for a while longer, which we are all excited about.

Beef is the aim of the game over at Well Hung, and you can enjoy an array of steak sandwiches cooked freshly to your liking. I have to recommend the Argentinian (steak, rocket, tomato, chimichurri), and the truffle parmesan fries are out of this world.

Hatch, Oxford Road, Manchester, M1 7ED
(Credit to the header image goes to Jody Hartley Photography)