Ho! Ho! Ho..w many wise men were there? It’s The Bay Horse Tavern’s Christmas Quiz

This December you better get ready for the best Christmas quiz of all time. A quiz where Santa asks the questions!

By Manchester's Finest | 11 December 2018

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Everyone knows that Santa is a big multi-tasking guy. Not only can he traverse the whole globe in one evening, he can also manage his elves, read EVERY list, hold down a reindeer sanctuary and finally please Mrs. Claus in the bedroom even though they’ve been married for a million years.

Well, old Father Christmas is going to have to add another accolade to his list of accomplishments this year. Quizmaster. On Tuesday 18th December he will be telling his elves to do some overtime as he heads down to The Bay Horse Tavern in the NQ for a super special Christmas Quiz.

Anyone who has been to the Bay Horse Quiz before will know to expect devilishly difficult questions, booze and cash prizes, but this special themed evening will also feature some brilliant Christmas Cocktails and even beers too.

I’m also presuming there will be lots of Christmas related questions on the cards so it might be a good idea to catch up on your Home Alones, Gremlins and Nightmares Before Christmases.


The Christmas Quiz

Venue: The Bay Horse Tavern
Date: Tuesday 18th December
Time: From 7pm
Cost: £2 per person


The Bay Horse Tavern is located in 35 – 37 Thomas St, Manchester, M4 1NA,
0161 669 5799