The Hot Cross Bun Food Hacks to try at home

Including a Grilled Cheese, Chicken Burger and even the Ultimate Easter Bacon Butty...

By Manchester's Finest | 14 April 2020

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Easter is a HUGE deal in many households. Mine – not so much. We never really did anything as kids, mostly because my mum would buy our eggs and then eat them all before getting the chance to give them to us.

There are two things that stand out about Easter from when I was a kid though and that’s Creme Eggs and Hot Cross Buns. So, sitting here on lockdown I’ve been thinking about how I can use these Hot Cross Buns I just bought – but do something different.

Sure, I could just toast them and put waaay too much butter on them, but there must be some more creative ways I can use them? Well, let’s have a look shall we…

Hot Cross Bun Grilled Cheese

Credit: Co-op

Due to the fact that it is, of course, a bread-like bit of food, the Hot Cross Bun is great when used like it’s savoury cousins – and no more so than when turned into a Grilled Cheese sandwich (or toastie in my house). Pair the gooey, melted cheese with whatever you like – beans, pickle, mustard, ham – they all work really well as long as the cheese is AT LEAST mature. The Co-op have this recipe using caramelised onions – which must be a clear winner.



Hot Cross Bun Eggy Bread

Credit: Warburtons

It’s likely that you’ll be spending most of this Easter weekend in your pyjamas – so it’s pretty much the perfect time to just eat as many breakfast foods as you can. One of everyone’s favourites must surely be Eggy Bread – and this Hot Cross Bun alternative is an indulgent treat.

What you’ll need:
Hot Cross Buns, knob of butter, 2 eggs, 100ml milk

Beat the eggs and the mil together in a bowl. Dip the Hot Cross Buns into the bread mix and leave to soak for a few seconds. Pop the butter into a pan and fry the bread until golden brown. Sprinkle with a bit of syrup or sugar to serve.


The Ultimate Easter Bacon Butty

Credit: Co-op

Now, we’ve already discussed how to make the most perfect bacon butty in the world – but here’s a great Easter alternative for you all. The sweet Hot Cross Bun acts as a great companion to the salty bacon and if you manage to do your egg right and have a runny yolk – you’ll be in Breakfast Heaven. If you’ve got a sweet tooth – add some maple syrup to the bacon when cooking.

What you’ll need:
Hot Cross Buns, Bacon (your preference), Eggs, knob of butter

Cook the bacon in the frying pan until dead, dead crispy. Pop in oven to keep warm while you make the egg. Pop butter in hot pan, crack egg on there and then turn the heat right down. Add a little bit of water and cover the egg until it’s fried to perfection. Slice Hot Cross Bun, add your favourite sauce (Daddies) and fill with brekkie. Eat.


Easter Bread & Butter Pudding

Credit: Yasmin Limbert

As a kid this was always a special treat and now as an adult it takes a significant amount of willpower not to have it as my breakfast, lunch and dinner every single bloody day. Replacing your usual slices of bread with Hot Cross Buns is an inspired idea and it adds a sweeter touch to the dish. Yasmin Limbert has created a fantastic recipe on her blog – follow that and you’ll be laughing.



Hot Cross Chicken Burger

This is something that apparently KFC trialled a couple of years ago but seeing as I’ve never seen one or had the pleasure of trying one – I call FAKE NEWS on it. Well, much like Donald Trump does, you can throw away all of the lies and just do it yourself – creating what could be considered one of the best burgers of all time. If you can’t be bothered actually frying your own chicken – just buy some of the pre-done stuff at the supermarket – nobody will mind.

What you’ll need:
Hot Cross Buns, Chicken Breast, 100g self-raising flour, 100g cornflour, pinch of paprika, cheese, mayonnaise, iceberg lettuce

Start by preparing and cooking the chicken. Mix the flour, cornflour and paprika to make the coating. Coat the chicken in and fry until golden brown and cooked throughout. Slice open your Hot Cross Bun, smear with mayonnaise and place chicken inside. Top with cheese and lettuce. Add a hash brown for the KFC Tower version. Mega.


Hot Cross Bun Treacle Tart

When Easter is all over and you’ve tried all of these recipes, it may be that you’ve still got some Hot Cross Buns left – I know how easy it is to get carried away in the bakery section of Tesco. Don’t throw away these left over bad boys, instead make yourself an indulgent treacle tart – perfect with a dollop of crème fraîche or some posh vanilla ice cream. Sainsbury’s have made this great recipe for you…



Vegetarian Hot Cross Bun Burger with Beetroot and Feta

Credit: Biffen’s Kitchen

Due to the fact that these are basically just sweet baps, you can use the Hot Cross Bun as you would any round bit of bread, which of course means as a container for any or all types of burger and sandwich. This recipe from Biffen’s Kitchen is a great vegetarian alternative to the classic beef burger, using beetroot for the patties and some lovely, salty feta as a topping. Get involved below…