How to make... The Refuge's Dill & Chilli Bloody Mary

Weekends are made for Bloody Mary's...

By Manchester's Finest | 6 March 2021

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Usually it’s Bloody Mary time on a Saturday morning – after a skin-full of lagers and tequilas on a Friday after work. There’s something about the spicy, savoury beauty of it that seemingly magically fixes any hangover-related problems.

It’s a drink with some bonafide life-changing powers, and as such every Tom, Dick and Harry will tell you that they can make the best one ever that will sort your head right out.

I can’t speak for ALL Bloody Mary recipes, but I can tell you this – this Dill & Chilli recipe from the team at The Refuge is outstanding – and will certainly sort you out in no time.

The Refuge Dill & Chilli Bloody Mary


50ml dill and chilli vodka (see below)
10ml Worcestershire sauce
15ml pickle juice
15ml lemon juice
200ml tomato juice
2 dashes Tabasco
Pinch of salt and black pepper
½ tsp horseradish sauce
Garnish: sprig of dill, celery leaves, pickled silverskin onion skewer


1. Fill a copa glass (or wine glass) with cubed ice.

2. Fill a Boston shaker with cubed ice and add the vodka, Worcestershire sauce, pickle and lemon juices, the tomato juice and the Tabasco. Roll the shaker rather than shaking it – this avoids diluting the drink too much.

3. Strain into a copa glass, add a pinch of salt and pepper, and the horseradish. Gently stir.

4. Garnish with a sprig of dill, some celery leaves and a pickled silverskin onion skewer.

Dill and chilli-infused vodka

1. Clean your veg – it’s super important to ensure your chilli and dill are thoroughly washed.

2. Add 500ml vodka (we use Absolut), ¼ large Turkish chilli (or ½ a regular mild chilli) and 20g dill to a large glass jar – if you like it spicy, just add more chilli. You can also double the quantities if lots of Bloody Marys are on the cards or you fancy some funky Vodka Martinis.

3. Leave for at least 48 hours so the flavours can infuse. It’ll keep in the fridge for a month – if it lasts that long…


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