How's your DRY January going, ready for a cocktail yet?

We've got just the thing for you!!

By Alex Watson | Last updated 28 January 2020

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There are TEN whole days left of Dry Jan which means you are SO close to completing what I can only imagine being the worst month of your life so far.

And by this point, I can imagine you’re absolutely spitting feathers for a taste of the sweet, sweet nectar.

In fact, it is by this very week that most people have failed on their New Year’s resolutions. Now I’m not here to take the mick or to tell you that you’re crap, I’m sure you’ve already done that yourself, I know I have.

What I am here to do, is to congratulate you for getting this far with a nice LOW ABV cocktail ready and waiting for you at Alvarium.

Mango Sling
If fruity, smoothie-like cocktails are for you, the Mango Sling is right up your street. You can even pretty easily pretend you’re sipping on this on a beach if you want. Filled with Portobello Road Temperance, a good glug of mango puree, ginger syrup, lime, coconut water and a dash Velvet Falernum.


Pear Highball
The Pear Highball is a refreshing long drink made using Graham’s no.5 White Port which is the perfect alternative for gin drinkers wanting to switch up their usual order. The drink is then topped with a heavenly refreshing pear soda and a dash of clementine essence to make one of the freshest drinks you could ever have the pleasure to gulp down.


Gin Martini
This one will have you thinking you’re drinking a proper boozy cocktail. In fact, I’d be tempted to do a social experiment and see how ‘drunk’ people got off this one. But that’s pretty mean on your mates. Made with Portobello Road Temperance, mixed with cranberry cordial and aromatic bitters before being topped with aromatic tonic water.

Alvarium also has a NON-alcoholic menu available which includes a SNOW-CONE (wow).



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