Independent Spanish restaurant La Bandera launches Wine Delivery service

The restaurant with one of the best wine lists in the city is now available for delivery!

By Manchester's Finest | 12 May 2020

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Siting down with a table full to brim with small tapas dishes and supping two too many bottles of wine is pretty much most people’s idea of heaven.

Being in lockdown though the closest any of us are getting to tapas is a packed of crisps on a plate and a few pickled onions in a shot glass. Well, fear not – because La Bandera is here to help.

Since the lockdown they’ve been serving up some fantastic tapas dishes, paella and even speciality ‘Meal Boxes’ which are the perfect Spanish meal – all in one box. Pretty self explanatory that one.

They’ve also begun selling their cocktails online – so if you want a tipple – they’ve got you covered. But let’s get to the real reason you’ve clicked this article – THE WINE.

Famed throughout the land for a HUGE, carefully curated wine list, La Bandera have started offering their premium wines online – to be delivered straight to your house.

Owner Yashin takes his wine VERY SERIOUSLY, and the list of carefully selected wines – most of them from independent, family-run wineries in Spain and the Canary Islands, is hard to beat. You’ll find everything from your less than typical Rioja, to some of the mot exclusive and delicious wines that money can buy.

Delivery Wine List


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